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Is equally a nonsense to classify ideas as good or bad just because they are new or old. For example, I believe that most innovations suceed, as instead we would not be communicating so fast, through the internet, with you in the US and me in Portugal. No one seems to be able to explain to me what this actually is. The best I can determine is that it is a website or app providing info, and maybe allowing bookings, for different modes or types of transport service from one place … or maybe we should just call it Trivago for transport.

I often make similar objections.

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And all are thougt to be magic, as if they would not be susceptible to human behaviour, such as constant average travel times, greed and the tragedy of the commons. Name required. Email will not be published required. Leave this field empty. Posted on January 17, in Language , Words, Unhelpful Confronting Words from U. Transit Administrator. Unhelpful Word Watch: Convenient.

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Quote by Cami Walker: “In the wise words of Mahatma Gandhi, "The best ”

Some sorely needed thoughtfulness. Thank you. Fbfree January 17, at pm. Definition to the rescue! Paul Kidd January 17, at pm.

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Kenny Easwaran January 18, at pm. Paul Kidd January 20, at pm. Mike January 20, at pm. Rob F January 17, at pm. Lots of concepts with no objectives.

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    I suppose marketers are a little embarrassed to talk about "products" because they want to seem more customer-centric, more focused on solving customer problems than on selling doo-dads, hence: "solution. But if you want to talk benefits instead of products, why not replace "X is an integrated solution for Often people use "solution" especially with the aforementioned "integrated" to refer to a "product" that is more than one thing: a suite of tools and methods, perhaps.

    Still, no matter how many gadgets and applications might be involved, the end result — what the customer buys — is usually a product that goes by a single name.

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    Buyers aren't interested in purchasing "a solution," they want to solve a problem; tell me what problem your gizmo solves, make me identify with that problem, and show me how it can make me a hero. Sometimes the answer isn't to find another word, but to re-think the message. Sometimes it isn't to replace a word, but simply to remove it. Well said. Try focusing on what the product or service is. It could be software, hardware, or a septic tank cleaner, but those are all understandable to a reader or listener. The problem with buzzwords is two-fold: They are cliches, and thus are stale from overuse, and they are vague; they don't tell people what writers think they do.

    You could go around a room and hear 25 interpetations of "solution. It is true that sometimes the product comprises more than one thing, and in those cases, "solution" sometimes can be a convenient "umbrella" term that becomes an easy shortcut. But most of the time we can do what we always did: Call it what it is. If you look at business communication before the advent of technology in the 80s, the word "solution" was only used as a synonym for "answer" or for "the way to solve the problem.

    Challenge yourself to really dive into how it will impact your audience and work in those terms rather than usng the bland term solutions.

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