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The o Where to buy cheap adult story books? They recorded the boys on the couch a few days earlier, talking about their excitement for the launch. As they stood in the backyard, the Heenes counted down from three, Richard pulled a release pin, and the balloon slowly floated toward the tops of the trees out back. The Heenes cheered. Richard yelled at his wife and kicked the wooden frame on which the balloon had been sitting. As the balloon floated out of sight, Richard thought someone at the FAA could track it on radar or at least might have the authority to shut down airplane traffic in the area.

The person at the FAA said Richard needed to call Deputies searched a wooded area nearby, a local reservoir, and a large park. A six-year-old child. A first grader. As the balloon plopped onto the ground, deputies and an ambulance converged. They searched the craft. A deputy reported seeing an object fall out a few miles earlier. For the next hour, the Heenes say they wondered if their son was dead. With deputies still searching, Richard and Mayumi cried in the living room.

As one investigator was making a call from the kitchen, he heard a shriek. Falcon had shown up.

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Richard posed the question to his son. Two days later, Larimer County law enforcement officials asked Richard to come to their office. The results have been redacted in law enforcement files, but Richard seemed dodgy with his answers, the examiner later wrote in a report. Mayumi crumbled during an interrogation after the polygraph. She admitted that the balloon was a setup. A runaway balloon with a kid inside could be television catnip. Sheriff Jim Alderden recommended felony charges against both Heenes for conspiracy, for contributing to the delinquency of a minor, and for attempting to influence a public servant.

Richard had a basement renovation lined up, but the client canceled at the last minute. At one point, Richard even asked one of the investigators if he could help Richard find an attorney. The investigator declined. It was morally repugnant for the prosecutors to put the Heenes in that position, to let this case turn into a circus.

Sunlight poured through the windows, streaking across the small kitchen where Mayumi was scrubbing dishes. Pots and pans were stacked on the kitchen counter and in the sink; papers and empty cups covered the table.

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Zinc, the dog, lazed atop a rug draped across the linoleum. He and his boys were getting paid for their work, and he was teaching them a trade that would last their lifetimes. Richard was enthusiastic about taking this abandoned home and turning it into a place where someone could spend his or her life.

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He liked the themes of renovation: the concept of reclamation and the possibilities of a teardown and rebuild. When I set my mind to something, I get it done. Of course, that would prove impossible. He was sure the incident had cost him jobs and friends. He knew a quick Google search could scuttle potential business opportunities.

Worst of all, his felony disqualified Richard from the holy grail of reality television for inventors: Shark Tank. A back scratcher had been sold on the bearscratch. It was filmed four years ago at a Florida theater, and Richard wanted to pitch it to a Hollywood agent. So far, no one had returned his emails. An editorial once argued that his kids should be taken from him.

In , a truck driver named Larry Walters tied 42 weather balloons to a Sears lawn chair and took off from a backyard in San Pedro, California. After Walters reached an altitude of 16, feet, pilots taking off and landing at nearby Los Angeles International Airport began reporting the balloon-propelled chair to the air traffic control tower.

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Less than an hour after leaving his home, Walters started his descent by shooting out seven of the balloons with an air pistol. By the time he became tangled in power lines and electricity was shut off in a Long Beach neighborhood, Walters had traveled about 10 miles. Police picked him up, and the legend of Lawnchair Larry began to spread. He explained that the flight was the culmination of a childhood dream, financed—in large part—by an understanding girlfriend.

Lawnchair Larry planned to call the FAA in advance of the launch, but, he told Letterman, the balloon took off. The flight was filmed; the audio between Walters and his girlfriend on the ground was recorded. He eventually quit his job as a truck driver and found himself in demand as a motivational speaker. His story appeared in newspapers and in magazines.

The Smithsonian Institution asked for the chair. In the decade following his stunt, Lawnchair Larry never got rich. He eventually broke up with his girlfriend. He made occasional speaking appearances. He did volunteer work for the U. Forest Service in Southern California. After the Balloon Boy incident , Richard, Mayumi, and the boys moved from Fort Collins to Bradenton, a city outside Tampa, then later to a home about an hour and a half farther north. Richard and Mayumi home-schooled their kids, worried about the negative attention they might get at school.

The boys had been playing guitars and drums for years, gravitating toward the heavy metal interests of their father, and they started playing covers of songs from bands like Slipknot and Iron Maiden. Ryo was a natural on the drums.

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Bradford played the guitar. Little Falcon was the perfect, if unexpected, frontman and could command a stage.

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Richard marketed them as the youngest metal group in the world. Yes, Richard could be foolish. In his Wife Swap appearance, his performance was a master class in reality TV idiocy. The Heenes were an easy choice. That same year, he co-wrote a paper on electromagnetic fields that appeared in the National Weather Digest. He tagged along on a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration plane that passed through the center of Hurricane Wilma.

His storm-chasing work was legitimate enough to earn him a profile in the Denver Post , which only bolstered his reality TV show aspirations. For someone with just a high school diploma whose only previous work experience had been cutting demo reels for actors in Los Angeles and working on homes as a contractor in California and Colorado, Richard had done more than most might have expected.

You need to step back and see the full person. When the incident happened, the family was spiraling. He wanted too much attention. In April , the family signed an option with the Wife Swap producers to pitch a series about outrageous homemade science experiments and the equally outrageous family that created them. A balloon made in the shape of a flying saucer was one of the ideas. In the meantime, Richard took menial jobs. He was paid to change light bulbs. He once cleaned a backyard piled with dog poop.

If the Balloon Boy fiasco seemed to define their father , it was the opposite for the Heene kids. They ate lunches and dinners together; they slept next to one another in the trailer. They worked together. Ryo seemed content to hang out and play video games. Bradford enjoyed playing guitar and talking about the opposite sex.

Falcon liked the autonomy home-schooling gave him; it allowed him to spend days working on houses and earning money for dirt bike parts. Some YouTube commenters reported hearing a farting sound after Falcon spoke, which, they joked, marked the exact moment when Richard crapped his pants. I played the video on my phone.

The boys listened, their faces flat. They heard the high-pitched splat.

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Richard did not laugh. I was six. He wants to ride dirt bikes and buy a truck. Someday, he might want a family of his own. He wants to finish renovating this house and move on. The next afternoon, the farmhouse was quiet; a breeze ruffled a plastic sheet covering a window. Richard was alone in one of the downstairs rooms, waiting for Falcon and Ryo to come out of the trailer and help put in a support beam across the ceiling.