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Nearly all of the rest would continue south mostly off-road to Agadez, the Nigerien city that has been a crossroads for African trade and migration for generations. Ultimately, they will return to their home countries on IOM-sponsored flights. Both they and the mayor of Agadez are growing increasingly impatient with their fate. Even as these migrants move south, they cross paths with some who are making the trip north through Agadez. Every Monday evening, dozens of pickup trucks filled with the hopeful pass through a military checkpoint at the edge of the city.

They are fully loaded with water and people gripping sticks, their eyes firmly fixed on the future. The whistleblower complaint.

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We examine the whistleblower complaint against President Trump, the alleged coverup, and the start of the impeachment inquiry. Since allegations that the President had withheld aide money to Ukraine in exchange for dirt on Joe Biden and his son, calls for impeachment by Democrats have been growing.

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The Niger ambush: Imagine if Hillary behaved like Trump. Imagine if Hillary Clinton were president, and she'd gone two weeks without saying a single word about the deadliest combat mission of her young tenure.

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Sign up for our weekly newsletter. It will take , members this year for great news and programs to thrive. They are the ones who made it out alive. But there is no turning back. Ju Dennis, from Liberia, holds his phone with which he filmed his plight through the Sahara after being expelled from Algeria, in an International Organization for Migration transit camp in the northern Nigerien desert city of Arlit on Friday, June 1, Dennis filmed his deportation with a cell phone he kept hidden on his body.

Aliou Kande, an year-old who has been on the move from his home in Dakar, Senegal since he was 15 and was expelled from Algeria, poses for a photograph in an International Organization for Migration transit camp in the northern Nigerien desert city of Arlit on Thursday, May 31, Kande said nearly a dozen people in his group simply gave up walking, collapsing in the sand, after they were dropped by Algerian authorities in the middle of the Sahara desert. The rest will leave by bus for the town of Arlit, about 6 hours to the south through soft sand. Sierra Leone migrants who were expelled from Algeria wait for repatriation in an International Organization for Migration center in Agadez, Niger on Tuesday, June 5, Share this Facebook Twitter Email.

You may also like. Radio Times. National Interest. Enter your Email here. Ways to Donate. The film, dubbed a " Psychedelic Western " by its director, includes twisted and surreal elements of the Western genre. The film is shot entirely in monochrome. It has been considered by many to be a premier postmodern Western. William Blake Johnny Depp , an accountant from Cleveland, Ohio , rides by train to the frontier company town of Machine to take up a promised accounting job in the town's metal works.

During the trip, the train Fireman Crispin Glover warns Blake against the enterprise. Arriving in town, Blake discovers that the position has already been filled, and he is driven from the workplace at gunpoint by John Dickinson, the ferocious owner of the company.

Dead Man Walking

Jobless and without money or prospects, Blake meets Thel Russell Mili Avital , a former prostitute who sells paper flowers. He lets her take him home. Thel's ex-boyfriend Charlie surprises them in bed and shoots at Blake, accidentally killing Thel when she tries to shield Blake with her body. The bullet passes through Thel and wounds Blake, but he is able to kill Charlie using Thel's gun before dazedly climbing out the window and fleeing the town on Charlie's horse. Blake awakens to find a large Native American man Gary Farmer attempting to dislodge the bullet from his chest.

The man, calling himself Nobody, reveals that the bullet is too close to Blake's heart to remove, and Blake is effectively a walking dead man. When he learns Blake's full name, Nobody decides Blake is a reincarnation of William Blake , a poet whom he idolizes but of whom Blake is ignorant. Blake learns of Nobody's past, marked both by Native American and white racism; it is detailed that he is the product of lovers from two opposing tribes, and how as a child he was abducted by English soldiers and brought to Europe as a model savage.

He was briefly educated before returning home, where his stories of the white man and his culture were laughed off by fellow Native Americans. He gained his name, Xebeche, at this point, the literal translation of which is revealed to be "He who talks loud, saying nothing". Nobody resolves to escort Blake to the Pacific Ocean to return him to his proper place in the spirit-world. Blake and Nobody travel west, leaving a trail of dead and encountering wanted posters announcing higher and higher bounties for Blake's death or capture.

Nobody leaves Blake alone in the wild when he decides Blake must undergo a vision quest. On his quest, Blake kills two U.

Attack of the Dead Men (Strange Stories)

Marshals , experiences visions of nature spirits, and grieves over the remains of a dead fawn that was killed accidentally by his pursuers. He paints his face with the fawn's blood and rejoins Nobody on their journey.

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  • Meanwhile, the most ferocious member of the bounty hunter posse, Cole Wilson, has killed his comrades eating one of them and continued his hunt alone. At a trading post, a bigoted missionary identifies Blake and attempts to kill him but is instead killed by Blake.

    Shortly after, Blake is shot again and his condition rapidly deteriorates. Nobody hurries to take him by river to a Makah village and convinces the tribe to give him a canoe for Blake's ship burial. Delirious, Blake trudges through the village, who pity him before collapsing from his injuries. He awakens in a canoe on a beach wearing Native American funeral dress. Nobody bids Blake farewell and then pushes the canoe out to sea. As he floats away, Blake sees Cole approaching Nobody, but is too weak to cry out and can only watch as the two men shoot and kill each other. As he looks up at the sky one last time, Blake dies and his canoe drifts out into the sea.

    The film fades out with beams of sunlight in the clouds still visible, showing Blake is either in the Spirit World or has been reborn again. I am making choices. He has no interest in returning to play Glenn, even if the opportunity came up. I was another person. That person was inherently trapped in whatever people thought he was. I fed into it and I believed in it, too — until I got out. With that thinking in mind, he passed on a lot of projects.

    That is still scary, but it makes you a little bit braver to pass on things.