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Like the widely praised Essential Modern Poems, this accessible volume is filled with wisdom and insights to delight. Includes ideas about courage and endurance, life and death, faith and hope, and the continuing search for meaning, as well as the favorite subjects of love, marriage, family dynamics, and nature. Also includes many fine but forgotten poets and several contemporary poets who will surprise, stimulate, and amuse readers. Fun activities that kids will love, with magic tricks, food to cook, plants to grow and games to play - with step-by-step photos!

The fantastic book is packed full of exciting ideas that combine craft fun, learning and play. There are more than simple step-by-step projects in a fun format for children aged between 3 and 8 years. Among the many items to make or paint are a feather head dress, wooden spoon puppets, a printed T-shirt and colorful stationery. Children will be tempted into the kitchen by an imaginative collection of easy recipes, from Funny Face Pizzas to a pond of jelly.

And when it's time for a party, here are all the ideas you need for games, decorations and tasty treats. Gorgeous projects for wreaths, garlands and swags, using fresh and dried flowers, for every season. The success of every great company or popular brand is often the vision of a great leader. Here in this book, we profile Great Business Leaders , giving an account of their business career, demonstrating the innovations, opportunities and business principles that have been introduced in their companies.

Also included is a practical section to demonstrate how a reader might apply these ideas in their own lives. In a fast-moving world coaching skills are an essential prerequisite of good leadership and management. What's so special about a really great job in today's work world? This book answers the questions thousands of people ask themselves each day. Based on interviews with professionals—from senior corporate leaders to people just starting their careers—this book reveals what they do, how they get there, and why they love their jobs.

Great ideas to market your product or service through the use of social media. Most of us work in teams at work. This book provides prompts to enable teams to thrive and be effective in demanding times. Then there are over delicious recipes in this superb collection, ensuring that there is something for every cook. Used in thousands of dishes from around the world, it is hardly surprising that tomatoes are one of the most versatile and best-loved cooking ingredients.

This unique compendium of short essays about, and evocative photos from, the greatest Western movies of all time is the authoritative new resource on the subject—and the ideal illustrated gift book for all cowboy enthusiasts and cinema fans. The sayings narrated by the Prophet Muhammad Hadith are regarded by the Muslims as the second most important source of knowledge in Islam after the Qur'an.

This book presents hadith compiled under five headings: morals and etiquette, daily life, worship, knowledge, charity and compassion. They all provide guiding principles for children in line with the true essence of Islam. Whether your choice is for a nourishing meal-in-a-pot, a rich and creamy chowder, or a spicy dish for instant heat, this volume has delicious recipes to suit all tastes and occasions.

Second edition of Hotels and Resorts, exploring the ideas and inspirations behind the designs. More than posters selected from the thousands that compete every year for the most prestigious awards - the very best Japanese graphic design produced in the past ten years. This lavishly illustrated book contains over two hundred of the National Galleries of Scotland's greatest and best-loved treasures, each accompanied by an informative text written by the Galleries' curators. Kicks off with an exciting blow-by-blow account of one of the biggest killings in market history.

A staggering profit made by a man who had never before traded a single futures contract! Kelly Angle has developed a trading plan based on his experiences and observations of the market. His complete, usable trading plan is presented in part II of this valuable new book. More ideas to inspire anyone to become an effective leader and manager in business today. The book features more than inspirational recipes for pasta sauces, salads and soups, encompassing all kinds of pasta. Includes guidelines on how to cook pasta to perfection, with tips on how to eat it, how to match shapes to sauces, and how to serve.

Through an effective combination of historical research and personal interviews, Pioneers: African-Americans Who Broke Color Barriers in Sport offers compelling portraits of the dedicated athletes who broke color barriers on college campuses and in professional sports all around the country. These engaging accounts detail the adversities they faced and the victories they achieved.

Part 1 includes well-known figures such as Jackie Robinson and Tony Dungy, as well as other, lesser-known pioneers in professional baseball, football, basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, and boxing. Part 2 presents the inspiring stories of college coaches, athletics directors, and student-athletes who were the first African-Americans to fill their respective roles.

Part 3 highlights the impressive feats of African-American athletes accomplished on the world stage of the Olympic Games. From the technologically revolutionary to the downright ridiculous this collection of concise musings documents the varied and often humorous relationships humans have developed with members of the plant kingdom. Highlights the wildest and most exciting events on the planet and looks at travel in a brand-new way. Included are: beach bachs, city apts, country retreats, suburban homes with a twist, holiday shacks, and much more.

Research and personal interviews reveal the groundbreaking work of effective administrators, dedicated coaches, determined reformers, and spirited athletes who excelled in tennis, golf, skating, swimming and diving, gymnastics, track and field, soccer, softball and baseball, basketball, volleyball, and motor sports. These fascinating profiles chronicle the achievements of women who overcame innumerable obstacles, broke down walls, and opened doors for future generations. A book devoted to the critical decisions, key events, and breakthrough inventions and discoveries that shaped warfare throughout history and the world.

For students and families with too much income to apply for need-based financial aid yet still wanting to keep college costs reasonable, Viollt offers numerous tips for getting a quality degree without breaking the bank. Perfect gift book for anglers. Entertaining to veterans and newcomers who fish saltwater and fresh. The BMW Group and its products have been fascinating us for years. Now the comprehensive history appears in simple language and richly illustrated. Turning 50 years old, photographer Thomas Kierok felt both confronted with and inspired by a sense of his own transiency and set himself the task of illustrating every year of life from 1 to through portraits of different people.

For more than a year he devoted his time to seeking and documenting the transformations that define our lives. It is a photographic study of the compelling processes of change and development the human face undergoes in the course of a lifetime. Story of identical twin geisha born on the first day of the Great Depression, one of whom loathes the other. A must-have book of baseball nostalgia for fans of the American Pastime. Children love animals, and love to learn about them. This book lets children find all their animal favourites in an enjoyable, easy and captivating way, by laying out the information in the form of fun facts, focus features, folklore and myth boxes.

Learn French with this first word-and-picture book for early readers, with delightfully illustrated scenes to explore. Learn German with this first word-and-picture book for early readers, with delightfully illustrated scenes to explore. Learn Italian with this first word-and-picture book for early readers, with delightfully illustrated scenes to explore.

Learn Spanish with this first word-and-picture book for early readers, with delightfully illustrated scenes to explore. Create authentic Asian food at home with easy-to-follow recipes and more than fabulous photographs. Two fantastic books in one gift box set, offering at-a-glance recipes for all your mealtime needs, from simple suppers to family feasts and special occasions. The ultimate collection of delicious meals, from light snacks to gourmet dishes.

An unbeatable cookbox set featuring recipes for soups, appetizers, light bites and nibbles for all occasions. Whether you are looking for a simple soup, a buffet selection, an elegant appetizer or snack, there is just the thing in this comprehensive collection. Every recipe is photographed and there are nutritional notes throughout. This is a treasure store of prayer with two outstanding features; it draws widely on many of the world's great religious and spritual traditions, and it focuses on contemporary concerns. Since the release of the first edition of x European Architecture in , the world of architecture has gone through some major changes: in the midst of an seemingly unstoppable building boom the banking crisis descended on the world economy in , but since a spirit of optimism has taken hold again.

A completely new impact for the world of architecture, which is gaining in significance, is the Web 2. The vehement debates about style at the end of the 20th century have faded away, instead the questions of quality in execution, valence of the material and especially ecological sustainability have moved to the foreground of the discussions. The new edition of the bestseller x European Architecture presents the European building culture during this tumultuous time with projects from the last five years. He made thousands of photos exploring the beauty, drudgery, hilarity, and horror of the experience.

You can find almost anything in it. We very much doubt anyone is going to produce better anthology of Irish poetry than this one. Outstanding buildings have been constructed in the Western Hemisphere; acclaimed as well as emerging architects are contributing today with their work in North, South, Central America and the Carribbean to the definition of tomorrow? This c. All the important themes of our present time are put into the European perspective?

Projects from all parts of the continent have been selected to create a representative overview of the latest European arc. This second volume in the successful series Collection of Architecture presents the major and most ingenious European hotels: famous Grand Hotels with history and glamour as well as young, innovative places that impress with excellent design. Landscape architecture covers the entire range of outdoor design: the fascinating scope of this field ranges from open space planning near, on or even inside buildings to self-sufficient creations in residential areas or in the open nature, and Land Art that uses nature as raw material for a work of art.

The different geographical and social contexts shape the design of the creative and playful solutions applied to projects from around the world. While the main focus are parks and gardens, this publication also presents numerous other types of categories such as greened facades, stone gardens, memorials and waterscapes. Landscape architecture is considered to be one of the most important disciplines in designing living spaces: not only as open space planning in the context of buildings, but also as self-sufficient creations in residential areas as well as in the open nat.

Whatever your question, you'll find reliable answers in this comprehensive guide to the Bible and Christian faith. On key topics from angels to Zion, this classic handbook delivers thoughtful balanced and easy-to-understand discussion. You'll turn to it time and time again! This well-known maxim may sound strange but is really just an exaggerated basic truth: if you want to win more games, nothing works better than training combinations. Solving many tactical puzzles is what makes the difference for beginners and casual players.

There are two types of books on tactics, those that introduce the concepts followed by a some examples, and workbooks that contain numerous exercises. Chess masters Franco Masetti and Roberto Messa have done both: they explain the basic tactical ideas AND provide an enormous amount of exercises for each different theme. It helps you in identifying weak spots in the position of your opponent, in recognizing patterns of combinations, and in visualizing tricks.

This celebrated observation is not only true for beginners, but also for club players Elo — If you want to win more games, nothing works better than training your combination skills. He teaches you how to reach the next level of identifying weak spots in the position of your opponent, recognizing patterns of combinations, visualizing tricks and calculating effectively.

Erwich has also included a new and important element: tests that will improve your defensive skills. Every chapter starts with easy examples, but no worries: the level of difficulty will steadily increase. A bundle of laughs collected from the cream of spoken and written foolishness. Over 1, of the best fly-fishing tips. One-of-a-kind collection of practical advice from more than twenty-five fly-fishing experts. A collection of the greatest witticisms from the world of politics, show business, sports, and anywhere else people can get a good laugh.

A collection of often impolite, but always witty taunts from the world's masters of the studied insult. The 1, math questions in this useful manual provide readers with the skills they need to master math, algebra, and geometry challenges. With Math Problems, students can: Master common math concepts, like whole numbers, word problems, exponents, square roots and more; Identify their strengths and weaknesses; Practice vital skills using multiple-choice questions and a detailed answer key; Study at their own pace so that every math concept can become fully understood.

A fabulous collection of classic tried-and-trusted family recipes, celebrating the best of world cuisine. Every recipe is photographed, and explained in easy-to-follow stages. A compendium of human wisdom culled from the world's celebrated--and anonymous --minds, from Confucius and Shakespeare to Maya Angelou and Woody Allen. This collection of inspiring quotes is sure to inspire any teacher.

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This map and guide is a companion to Maine Mountain Guide, Eleventh Edition, by Carey Kish, which provides turn-by-turn trail descriptions, in-text and pull-out maps, directions for reaching trailheads, and estimated time, elevation gain, and difficulty level for all of the hikes featured in this map. Here is a highly practical solution to unwieldy recipe books cluttering up the kitchen countertop while you are trying to prepare your food. Each of the recipes is illustrated with a beautiful color photograph showing the finished soup, and has clear step-by-step recipe instructions and a complete nutritional breakdown.

Whatever the occasion you will find a soup that will fill the bill perfectly. Easy-to-make recipes for everyday and special-occasion pies, cakes, cobblers, crisps and puddings This newest Gooseberry Patch cookbook is sure to have something for every taste and every budget. Alongside each recipe is a beautiful photograph of the dish Budget-friendly and easy to fix, hot and bubbly casseroles are a busy family's dream come true.

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With most coming together in under an hour, a scrumptious, quick and filling meal is only minutes away with this new book from Gooseberry Patch. Alongside each recipe is a tantalizing, full-color photo that is sure to get mouths watering and taste-buds tingling. The latest addition to the best-selling Gooseberry Patch photo cookbook series is brimming with recipes sure to tempt your sweet tooth, each accompanied by a mouthwatering full-color photo!

I can do that! Readers will love the variety too Lunchbox favorites like brownies, blondies and bars are also included and a special occasion chapter at the end includes recipes perfect for holiday celebrations. A quick and easy dog-training guide--all you need to know at your fingertips. Revised to reflect new questions for today's new economy, this popular guide still remains the first and only interview book to examine key questions job seekers need to ask at hte interview.

Mouthwatering photo for each dish. Blue ribbon-winning techniques for dressage, cross-country and jumping. From yummy breakfasts and fresh salads, to hearty mains and luscious desserts, there's something for everyone. There's even a chapter dedicated to canning, for those who want to stash a little summer away to enjoy all year 'round.

Alongside each recipe is a beautiful photograph of the dish, so cooks will know just what to expect. One of the most experienced anglers in the world shares his wealth of experience with a variety of commonsense solutions to the problems that anglers face. Everything in creation has a purpose relevant to a specific situation that could lead the seeker of higher knowledge towards the ultimate spiritual truth of oneness.

Thus our egotistic vices can indeed be stepping stones towards acting selflessly, spontaneously, and cheerfully with heightened awareness and good expectations in all situations. Indeed, all our mistakes can lead us towards the desired spiritual awakening - the ultimate purpose in life: experiencing and knowing the universal oneness. Based on interviews with key human resource professionals, this book identifies hiring mistakes employers make—from asking the wrong questions to failing to verify credentials.

As the location for reception and waiting, the hotel lobby is the most important and prestigious area of a hotel. This is where the first contact is made with the guests, anything that happens here has a strong influence on whether their stay will be enjoyed. This beer group activity book has amazing, odd, and creative ways to enjoy the celebration of homebrewing. Be an adventurous kid!

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Conquer a rock wall, go ziplining, create a geocache at your favorite nature hangout, camp without a tent. Most importantly, get your hands dirty. This book's chapters follow several individuals in various job search situations, from a recent college graduate first entering the job market to a professional moving up in a career.

Solid advice on bringing along, caring for, and using the ranch horse. Discover the remarkable health and spiritual benefits of Tai Chi, with this user friendly motivational pocket guide. Organized according to each step in the preparation process and augmented with examples to clarify the points made, this book pulls together major principles and techniques used by today's effective speakers. Essential gift for every shooter. Hilarious cartoons from Britain's most popular outdoors illustrator.

Even better, each is accompanied by a mouthwatering full-color photo! A special chapter of condiments and garnishes provides extra ways to add more flavor to any of these recipes. Knots have been around for thousands of years, used for hundreds of vital specialist tasks on land and sea. Anyone can learn to tie them, for professional use, for sport and leisure, or just for fun - and with a little practice they will soon acquire an impressive repertoire. Over slow cooker recipes that are organized by cooking time, making an easy, tasty dinner even easier!

Do you excel in math? Struggle with it? If the answer is Yes, this book is for you! These math questions show you that math is everywhere—and knowing how to tackle it is useful… and fun. Open this book and discover the fascinating world of math! Math is a critical part of our everyday lives; we use it dozens of times daily. The second title in the Things Everyone Should Know series, this book makes understanding math easy and fun!

Using an appealing question and answer format, this book is perfect for kids, grown-ups and anyone interested in the difference between an Olympic event score of 9. Why do you see lightning before you hear thunder? What keeps the planets orbiting around the sun? What metal is a liquid at room temperature? Science affects everything -- yet so many of us wish we understood it better. Using an accessible question-and-answer approach, key concepts in biology, chemistry, physics, earth and general science are explored and demystified in this award-winning book.

An engaging and fun way to better your understanding of how science surrounds us every day. If you're reading this, you're about to get smarter. How much smarter? How do you measure half of one-third a cup in a baking recipe? This book set helps simplify and demystify math and science concepts. With a fun question-and-answer format, these books are perfect for kids, parents, educators, and anyone interested in understanding how math and science affect our lives.

Every fly-fishing problem has a solution. This collection of advice from veteran instructor Landon Mayer helps you analyze your past mistakes and learn how to adapt to a wide range of fishing conditions. This clever and delightful little book shows that, more than just a pretty face, Maine coons can serve a wide range of duties beyond simply being your adorable companion. Whether you need a boot warmer, piano tuner, or even a dog-sitter, the coon cats in this collection are willing and ready to help out their owners in any way they can. Specific, meaningful actions anyone can take.

Practical advice on feeding and attracting backyard birds. How to create a bird-friendly household and community. Training and competition hints for this popular horse show competition. This compendium of practical advice is gathered from family law professionals, including lawyers, judges, CPAs, and psychologists, who share their real-world experience in a concise chapter. Other time-saving tools include financial charts and hypotheses, questions to ask, and interview forms and checklists. Topics include fees, custody, discovery, trial techniques, support, avoiding malpractice, discovery, premarital agreements, valuation, settlement, and evidence.

The renowned kitchen at the Nyingma Institute has been serving innovative vegetarian meals for over 30 years. This book offers of our favorite gourmet recipes along with many insights about creative vegetarian cooking. Through her use of unusually low depth-of-field photography, Lisa Johnson makes the guitar exotic, sensuous, and evocative, transforming it from an instrument into an artwork.

Her bold use of unusually low depth-of-field photography visually caresses the instrument in the way a skillful musician might - zeroing in on subtle gradations in a guitar's patina or hugging the curves of another's silhouette. Johnson accompanies her images with text cultivated from interviews with the proud guitar owners, revealing the personality of the musician who plays the instrument while her images revere the instrument itself. Here, the guitar is made exotic, sensuous, and evocative - it transforms from an instrument into an artwork. Deluxe edition signed and numbered by the author.

This beautiful book also contains a selection from his most important poems. A personal journey through life-dramas and how to manoeuvre them. In this book they tell you in simple language how to maximize your gambling bankroll by applying winning strategies to each and every game—from blackjack to craps, roulette to baccarat, slots to video poker, sports book betting to live poker, plus best-bet playing methodologies for new games like Caribbean Stud, Let It Ride, and Three Card Poker.

They tell you the best ways to play each game in words or less, while other books often use words or more. Rustle up quick and easy appetizers, main courses and desserts in 10 minutes or less; over 30 recipes for all occasions from simple pan-fried sole to impressive dishes such as veal escalopes with tarragon, and ice cream strawberry shortcake; over photos. A compendium of challenging card games from around the world, with professional tips and expert guidance.

The issue describes important theories, models, and processes of designing learning-such as the ADDIE model, adult learning theory, learning styles, and more-and provides tips and tools for developing the habits that can make you a successful trainer. A few of the 12 habits covered in the issue are preparing for training delivery, aligning solutions with objectives and needs, facilitating learning, managing the learning environment, evaluating solutions. This is a bumper collection of exciting model-making, costume and recipe projects that can be done at home or in the classroom that help children to learn about the best bit of history - Romans, Egyptians, Vikings, Aztecs and the like.

They provide hours of creative fun and give amazing insights into history at the same time. With color photographs. Model-making, costumes and recipes provide creative fun and amazing insights into history, with photographs. This novelty boardbook has eight easy-to-turn wheels, making learning to count fun. Inspiring things to make from paper, using varied craft techiques, with step-by-step photographs.

This book has gathered together over papercraft projects for you to make at home from paper construction projects to exquisite examples of decoupage, papier mache, paper cutting and collage. Tour the exciting world of spices with tempting poultry recipes that conjure up the authentic flavors of Mexico, North Africa, the Caribbean, India, China and Southeast Asia. This wealth of all encompassing facts offers hours of education and entertainment. The book contains inspiration for quick midweek suppers using store-cupboard ingredients.

Discover an exciting new world of ingredients that can be teamed with pasta and noodles to conjure up interesting flavours and textures. A collection of authentic stories from the years around , carefully crafted to sound as exciting and mysterious as when they were first told five hundred years ago.

Scraps never looked so good! Includes 11 challenge exercises to strengthen your creative muscles, plus an inspirational quilt gallery. A point blueprint for creating better collaboration, enjoyment, and success in business and in life. A bumper collection of fantastic experiments and projects that explain a wide range of scientific facts, processes and principles - all in step-by-step pictures. Includes a few recipes for stovetop, baked or slow-cooked meat to provide plenty of options. This decadent volume contains recipes for a wide range of cakes and cookies, including snaps, macaroons, swirls, florentines, and more, each illustrated with a moutwatering photograph of the finished dish.

Not just moules-frites and waffles, an inspirational cookbook on northern Europe, lusciously photographed throughout. Find out how things work in how-to experiments for 8- to year-olds, with pictures. For the 25th anniversary of the National Consortium for Academics and Sports NCAS , Richard Lapchick and a crew of dedicated researchers bring to you some of the most uplifting stories in sporting history, featuring student-athletes, professional athletes, athletics administrators, civic leaders, coaches, parents, and more who have had a positive and great impact on sport and society, often in the face of adversity and discouragement.

Creating tempting family dishes suitable for all the family can be both expensive and time-consuming, but this invaluable guide will show you just how easy it can be to create sustaining and varied meals using great-value ingredients and a little common sense. Simply Chicken provides inspiration for all occasions whether you are preparing a midweek supper or entertaining.

With delicious recipes, this is the essential cook's source book and kitchen reference for everyone who enjoys chicken, turkey and duck. A detailed reference section on the basics is followed by tried-and-tested recipes for every kind of loaf, specially created to use in your machine. Explore the classic food of Scandinavia, from smorgsabord to hygge baking, all in gorgeous photographs. Recipes for every occasion Whether it's aluminum or steel, glass or ceramic, you'll find yourself reaching for your favorite pan all the time. Family meals don't get any easier!

This versatile pan is potluck-perfect too. Improve energy, increase vitality and boost the immune system with goji berries, miso, broccoli, quinoa, hazelnut and seaweed: every delicious recipe in the book features at least one superfood. Short, Kevin E. Hoyle et al. Did They Notice? Multilingual Adaptive Search for Digital Libraries. Jones et al. Interactive Vocabulary Alignment. A Survey on Web Archiving Initiatives. Metadata Visualization in Digital Libraries. The 27 full papers, 13 short papers, 9 posters and 9 demos presented in this volume were carefully reviewed and selected from initial submissions.

In addition the book contains the abstract of 2 keynote speeches and an appendix stating information on the doctoral consortium, as well as the panel, which were held at the conference. The papers are grouped in topical sections on networked information, semantics and interoperability, systems and architectures, text and multimedia retrieval, collaborative information spaces, DL applications and legal aspects, user interaction and information visualization, user studies, archives and repositories, europeana, and preservation.

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