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Spectacle is all. Not even a classic hero, destined to win back his kingdom, played by a 19 year old hot heart throb, Wu Lei, could save this attempt at instant myth.

21. A Jealous God

This herdman is dressed to look more like an extra from Life of Brian , from a sword and sandal epic of the Euro mythos of lost origins, a shepherd destined for greatness. But when screens all over China opened, paying customers stayed away. By trying to appeal to all audiences, this movie appealed to no-one. But the producers, swiftly cutting their losses, perhaps in the hope a re-cut might yet save them, instead blamed the trolls.

A fast action movie cut down by the fast action online assembling of negativity.

Other eye-opening jealousy quotes

An evocation of the realm of unlimited desire brought low by unlimited anger. By far the most profitable and popular Chinese movie is Wolf Warrior 2. Apart from the American villains and largely anonymous African victims, this is an all-Chinese movie, with plenty of violence, culminating in the arch-villain Big Daddy, who we viewers have come to hate, arrogantly declaring there are only two kinds of races in the world: winners and losers.

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Even the Gods will be jealous!! - Review of Bambu Indah

Start Your Free Trial Today. Learn More in these related Britannica articles:. South Asian arts: Indian sculpture from the 1st to 4th centuries ce: Gandhara.

The definite volume and substance given to the pleated folds of the monastic robes make this image more naturalistic than anything found in Indian art. At the same time, the iconographical features are of Indian origin. The Apollo nians were characterized by objectivity of expression, simplicity, and clarity, and their favoured instrument was the kithara, a type of lyre. History at your fingertips. Sign up here to see what happened On This Day , every day in your inbox!

Retribution Of Jealous Gods

To require less would relegate Him to a lesser position of glory. The jealousy of a holy God is the essence of His moral character, a major cause for worship and confidence on the part of His people and ground for fear on the part of His enemies Ezekiel Is it beneficial to have a personal relationship with a jealous God? We have no control over eternity, or even the hectic demands of a single day, but God assures us that He is looking out for our best interests.

He wants us to take time to be continually renewed physically and spiritually Exodus ; Matthew As we give more time to God, our level of devotion and trust strengthens our divine relationship with Him. Thinking we own our possessions, cultivates pride, selfishness, and ingratitude. But when we seek Him, God supplies all our needs [food, finances, clothing] because He is faithful in all His promises Matthew ; Philippians God created all things, and He never transferred ownership to His people.

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  6. The Imitation Of Christ;

We are, however, expected to be faithful and wise managers of all that God has entrusted to us. God rewards faithfulness in caring for our families and finances Luke God is concerned with the whole person.

What is godly jealousy? |

If we are broken-hearted, He heals our heartaches and binds up our wounds. When our enemies attack us, God becomes our rock and fortress in which our souls find rest and hope. Even if fear and worry threaten to consume us, God hears our prayers and guards our hearts and minds through Christ Jesus with His supernatural peace.

Yes, God is a Jealous God. He fashioned us in His image, above all else created. He intended that we spend eternity with Him.