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Easton's library contained a copy of the works of Pseudo-Dionysus and Rabbi David Kimhi's Hebrew grammar, which suggested to Holloway a pedagogical source for Julian's Neoplatonism and possible familiarity with the Hebrew scriptures. This paper is not a work of medieval history and does not try to prove Holloway's suspicions about the education of the historical Julian. Examination of historical precedents for the mother analogy remain for another work. The focus is similarities and differences between the models and methods of allegory and midrash and how each contribute to our understanding of scripture and spirituality.

Construction of models that explain two different types of medieval biblical interpretation, allows us to see some similarities and differences between Jewish and Christian spirituality, and hopefully enriches our understanding of different spiritual approaches to the interpretation of scripture. Allegorical interpretation fostered an understanding of sacred scripture and provided rich opportunities for spiritual insight until it fell out of favor with the Reformation. Following a presentation of allegory, the paper outlines and explains some features of the Jewish method of midrash and illustrates similarities and differences between allegory and midrash.

The conclusion applies the similarities and differences between allegory and midrash to the dynamic functions of Jesus Christ who with God the Father and the Holy Spirit, brings the true image of God to birth in the human soul, by wisdom, mercy, grace, and service. A four part verse that summarized the four dimensional meanings for scripture went as follows. The city of Jerusalem was frequently used as an example to distinguish the four different senses or meanings of scripture:. Julian remarked that the soul is like a city in which Christ sits like a medieval king or Bishop who rules with courtly compassion and justice.

Justice was the order among the three. The soul was a microcosm of the city. In place of Plato's republic ruled by a philosopher-king, Judaism understood the Torah by which God governed the world with justice and compassion. Christians believe the risen Christ governs the city, the world and the self or soul with wisdom and compassion.

At first, Julian's story resembles a medieval lord who sends his vassal or servant out of his castle on a special assignment, to perform a good deed on behalf of his feudal lord. The stories of good deeds presumed the good will of the servant. He sends him to a certain place to do his will. Not only does the servant go, but he dashes off and runs at great speed, loving to do his lord's will.

And soon he falls into a dell and is greatly injured; and then he groans and moans and tosses about and writhes, but he cannot rise up or help himself in any way. In the medieval scheme of symbols, that is the literal sense of the story. Julian moves the parable to its second sense, and says the servant stood for Adam, the first human according to the Bible, and that the lord stood for God, the divine Lord, who created humans in ' our image and likeness ' Gen and commissioned man and woman to care for the world; Julian does not name Eve.

Julian said this second sense was a hidden meaning that took her twenty years to understand. In the scheme of allegory the second, strict, and technically allegorical sense of the story, the parable carries a faith or scriptural inner meaning for Julian. Servant Adam represents every human being ever created. Like a morality play, Adam's fall and the inability to raise himself up represents the loss of the original, full image of God in every soul-self.

The servant's fall as a metaphor for original sin, portrays human life in an alien or foreign land called regio dissimilitudinis , ' a region of unlikeness. Sin, interpreted as a fall into a foreign land, a region of unlikeness or dissimilitude, is found in Augustine and Bernard of Clairvaux. Julian's desert is the world's environment and the inner landscape of the soul's life. The third sense of the parable presents Jesus Christ who as God's servant renews all human life with a new creation as a new or second Adam.

Christ is God's son in the Christian analogy. Julian says Christ the servant falls three ways: he descended from heaven and ' fell with Adam into the valley of the womb of the maiden who was the fairest daughter of Adam.

The Bible in Basic English

Julian seems to link the sensual soul psychosomatically with the body or flesh. Servant Jesus took more falls by suffering, dying, and descending into hell to bring out with him all deserving souls there since Adam. Servant Jesus as God's son in our humanity expresses several tropological senses in the parable because what happened to Jesus changed everything that happens to humanity and within our soul. The pain, suffering, and falls we feel, now have a moral, reformative, potentially redemptive, meaning. The servant has turned completely toward humanity in substance and sensuality.

Humans are invited to turn to the servant who can raise them up. The servant language has the added emphasis of a theme used by deutero-Isaiah to portray Israel, the prophets, and other ancient leaders, as a paradigm for one who acts or suffers for others Is It is not clear whether Julian understood the scriptural connections between the prophetic servant themes of Isaiah and the New Testament portrayal of Jesus as suffering servant and eschatological prophet.

Julian is not finished with lessons from the parable of the lord and servant. The servant Jesus is now seated in the heavenly court in a city wearing a crown. In God's heavenly court Julian says, ' we are His crown, Earlier the ' fair maiden ' referred to Mary, the mother of Jesus. Mary now stands for all humanity, everyone for whom Jesus won the crown who are espoused to him by a heavenly bond. Colledge and Walsh observed that Julian did not develop the marriage metaphor between the soul and God as did other medieval writers The parable explains how God renews the divine image in the soul.

Everyone is offered a new birth through the new creation by the servant Jesus Christ, the divine Son. When medieval Christians read and contemplated the biblical mysteries of faith, the mind and heart were expected to ascend the allegorical ladder from the literal, narrative, starting point, through the spiritual senses of God's meaning, to the moral conversion of the soul, in order to reach the final stage of ascent, ' as it is in heaven. The four senses were like four acts in the drama of salvation history in which the believer was a principal actor.

The four senses provided the structure for Julian's parable of the lord and servant. Other parts of Julian's book contain developments and variations on each of the four senses illustrated by different experiences and explanations of the devout life. The four dimensions of allegory correspond to four dimensions of ongoing spiritual discernment within the soul of the believer. Julian relates the allegory of the servant to the title of Jesus Christ, the second person of the Trinity, as a mother by two formal links. Immediately following the parable, Julian wrote that the parable illustrated the wisdom and compassion of the servant, God's son, toward our Adamic suffering, also called ' our lower part ' 52, Secondly, God knows and loves us ' without beginning And by the endless intent and assent and the full accord of all the Trinity, the mediator literally, 'the mid person' wanted to be the foundation and the head of this fair nature, out of whom we have all come, in whom we are all enclosed, into whom we shall all go Uncritical and unquestionably religious mind usually just repeats this prayer without giving it the consideration it requires; we should however, for it might give decent clues for those who are willing to look beyond the veil of religions, into the esoteric and occult world of psychology.

The last lines might be most revealing: "For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever and ever. Amen" First, the kingdom is a plain reference to qabalistic Sephira called Malkuth , meaning the 'kingdom' - or rather the material emanation of spirit. In other words, it stands according to Qabalah for earth and everything that is material, the planets, the man and so forth. Power is another qabalistic reference, for it points to the Sephira Geburah , which is also known as 'Power'.

It is placed in the pillar of severity, at the tree of life. Geburah is the balancing Sephira for Chesed, which is love also glory , as shown below. Glory is yet another qabalistic reference for emanations, it referes to the Sephira called Chesed , which means 'love' - but Chesed has also another name: 'Gedulah', meaning the 'Glory'.

Chesed balances the war-like properties of Geburah as it is placed in the pillar of mercy at the tree of life. The Lord's Prayer then comes into it's conclusion by the 'Amen', which is a reference to Egyptian god Amun , also know as Amen. All this alone points into the direction that a standard Christians those who are unaware of preceeding have no clue what they are worshipping, and also that the alleged Jesus Christ whom ever he might've been combined Qabalistic teachings with Egyptian mythology.

Why would Christians want to invoke a pagan god Amen? We may discuss about it. TextPower is another qabalistic reference, for it points to the Sephira Geburah, which is also known as 'Power'. It is placed in the pillar of severity, at the three of life. What is the three of life? I would be interested in reading a more in depth analysis of the prayer if you are so inclined. While the last line is interesting, understanding it within the context of the whole prayer would be more interesting. Reading the New Testament with info on kabbalah is sort of interesting. Fire and water have different meanings, such as the right and left respectively.

Ever wonder why Jesus sits on the right side of God in heaven? The right side on the tree of life is the masculine side. So some of these things you'd think are random but its not, even the minor details can give some good info if you know how to read it. But really, you're thinking you're clever in pointing out that Christians are invoking a pagan god, but when it comes down to it, we can only perceive things from sensory input from our brain, so we can't know the outside world even though we think we have eyes to see.

So what does it matter? There is only one God. And the experience a person has is what's important. Secrets of Sufi Freemasonry re-broadcast. This is a highly controversial book by a notorious author. Sebottendorff was the founder of the Thule Society which Germinated pun intended into the Nazi Party. When he tried to take credit for that the Nazis kicked him out and sent him back to Turkey. How he managed to be a devout Muslim and a Nordic pagan at the same time is one of the many mysteries this book conjures up. Transcending his politics and fanaticism there is very provocative and profound occult knowledge in this book much of it hidden even to European students until recently.


Randolph's discovery of a Syrian Love Cult which may have been the original source of the O. So, tune in and find out how the Sufis get a grip on themselves. They encountered huge wolves that were impervious to gunfire, horrible mutilations of their live stock and inexplicable physical phenomenon.

This is the same document that is in our training manual and delivered to new initiates when they begin training. It gives our history, our philosophy, our traditional initiatory system, our accomplishments, our special programs: yoga, visualization, ceremonial magick, alchemy, divination, soul-travel and celestial qabalah.

As a bonus feature we will discuss the mystery of the Pagan Communion Set and the mysterious magical alphabet inscribed thereon. We will direct you to our website where you can see it and perhaps help us solve the mystery. So join us and get magical. The Magical Multiverse re-broadcast. On Thursday June 12th, the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on ancient and modern Multiverse concepts in relation to Hermetic Magick, the Qabalah, astrology and Fortean phenomenon.

We will examine philosophical. Dick, and Richard S. Artificial Intelligence vs. On Thursday April 18th, the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will air a discussion on the future impact of Artificial Intelligence on human creativity and individual expression. Will it serve us or will it dominate us? We will start with a recent article in the L.

We will look back at Asimov's "Foundation. So if you wonder whether they will serve us, or we will serve them. Tune in and make up your mind before they make it up for you! It is considered a spiritual location and has been used for Shamanic visionary retreats. It has also been connected with the legend of J. We discussed the Cave on our broadcast "Mystical Mt. Shasta" in January, 13th.

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Which you can still access. So, join us as we once more enter the underworld and share mystic experiences. Negative vs. Positive Gnosis - from Gnostica no. Thabion of his essay "Negative vs. Positive Gnosis" from Gnostica magazine, no. This is an important instructive paper dealing with the ancient and modern spiritual differences between Thelemic libertine Gnosticism, Hermetic neo-Platonism and ancient and modern Paganism wiccans, druids, etc.

These differences are so deep and so misunderstood that many New-Agers involved in the Occult do not know what they profess to believe in. They participate in various groups simply because they are attracted to the style and glamor of the organization and because it provides a rebellion against the religion of the parents.

You will discover how similar Thelemic Gnosticism is to the Fundamental Christianity it rebels against, and how similar Hermetic magick is to Tantric Buddhism. This paper will be reprinted in text form and posted as an instruction on our web site. So tune in and become transcendentally demystified. This is a wonderfully erudite and deeply meaningful book on the accomplishments, and lasting influence of the most important of the pre-Socratean philosophers, and perhaps the most important ancient avatar of the Western Esoteric Tradition.

As a musicologist Ferguson is able to fully expound on the master's development of "The Music of the Spheres" from mythical Orpheus through Kepler to Close Encounters of the Third Kind we can all whistle that one. The Pythagorean harmonious universe of music, mathematics, and geometry has been re-validated in modern times with the advent of new theories in quantum physics. It was, of course, the bed rock of Qabalah, Alchemy and Magick.

We will demonstrate some applications of the Pythagorean magical scale used to activate psychic centers chakras and discuss the employment of these techniques in magical operations. So tune in, tune up and we'll sing along with the planets. On Thursday March 21st, the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the various traditions of the Underworld from the mythologies, religions and folklore of cultures around the world with our guest Very Honored Frater Solomon.

Mike has compiled maps of the underworld which locate the Hells of the major religions. The Hermetic Link by Jacob Slavenburg re-broadcast. How did we miss it? No excuse because it should not have been missed. Certainly there have been other surveys of the Hermetic Tradition, usually combined with other related elements such as Kabbalah, Rosicrucianism, magick, etc. Slavenburg takes us from Zosimus to the Kybalion in a sympathetic, very thoughtful and comfortably philosophical style. He quotes Peter Kingsley "Reality" frequently and does as good a job as Kingsley in getting across the deepest meaning of the Hermetic Mystery the Great I AM - perhaps he does it better in that he uses excerpts from Hermes to reveal the treasure we ardent Hermetic devotees hold so dear, whereas Kingsley in Reality depended on pre-Hermetic Parmenides and Empedocles.

Read e-book Chesed - Beyone the Veil of Mercy

If all this is Greek to you, it shouldn't be and Slavenburg goes a long way toward establishing the true and enduring magnificence of our venerable Tradition. Tune in and get yourself Hermetically sealed. Preserved for the next incarnation. Prometheus II — Prophecy and Initiation. This remarkable work, like so many early science fiction efforts was set in a future time, in this case , and predicted a Third World War between the United States, its traditional allies and post Soviet Russia.

Beyond the Veil (Radio)

In this story the Russians are allied with China and they have conquered all of Latin America. They are on the verge of swarming our southern border. But their leader Nicholas not Valdamir has literally made a deal with the devil the deros of the subterranean world which has escalated World War lll into another dimension and brought in the forces of Agartha, the subterranean good guys and finally the Elder Gods the original ancient astronauts who arrive from hyperspace just in time to save the human race.

Of course we have a pair of young Army officers and their sexy Army nurse girl friend, who team up with the underground good guys and Space Gods to help save America and humanity. It would have made a great Saturday Morning serial but at least it got its debut in Amazing Stories, March The Eighth Tower by John A. Keel -- A Modern Charles Fort. Keel He was most noted as author of "The Mothman Prophecies" and film Keel was more interested in monster sightings, like the mothman and big-foot than he was in UFOs but he believed that the two phenomenon were related and emanated from the same source.

He was an ardent successor to Charles Fort "The Book of the Dammed" which was a collection of fantastic anomalies such as UFO sightings, monster sightings and other fantastic events such as rains of frogs and ghost ship sightings. Mostly newspaper clippings collected from the beginning of the industrial age to the First World War. The Eighth Tower is a Fortean book but with an agenda that Fort was very cryptic about. What do all these strange things mean mean? Fort concluded that "We" humankind, "Are property.

After continuing Fort's bizarre collection he brings in Carl Jung's Collective Unconscious, the world soul, universal mind and the Seven Demonic Towers of the Yazidis and postulates an Eight Tower that is a sort of empyrean Godforce over the rest. This is not an easy book to get through but it will take you down the rabbit hole, so join us for some Fortean adventuring. Kabbalah, Cabala, and Modern Hermetic Qabalah re-broadcast. This is a subject we have covered before, however, that was years ago before we started climbing The Tree in our weekly lectures.

Now that we have arrived at The Abyss and and are venturing onto The Eleven Sphere "Tree Before the Fall", it is appropriate for us to review our Hermetic Qabalistic structure and establish the philosophical, mythological and metaphysical differences between the various Kabbalahs, and the particular innovations we have made in our modern Hermetic version of the ancient system. Tune in and we'll play Monopoly on the greatest board game in the universe. In recent years more and more of their fantastic s revelations about Ancient extra-terrestrial Aliens and their high technology and their continued influence on, and interfearence in, earthly affairs mind control and child trafficking and madness has been confirmed and exploited by later whistle-blowers such as Tom Delonge, Corey Good, David Witcock and others.

It seems that Shaver and Palmer wrote their History Channel documentary scripts but are never credited as the source. Are these Ancient Aliens still with us? These Paths lead to the re-manifested Sphere of Da'ath, which in the Eleven Sphere Tree becomes Saturn, the beginning of the physical universe and the gateway to the Abyss. So tune in and we will journey to Mot's Back-o'-Beyond. Morris was a Renaissance man of many talents. An Oxford scholar who idealized and romanticized the medieval period and yearned to recreate Camelot in the modern era. He was appalled by the pollution, social misery and esthetic mediocrity caused by the industrial revolution and he believed that Karl Marx held the key to creating a utopia although Morris admitted that he could not understand Marx But we need to understand Morris in order to fathom the continuing fascination our cultural elite have for Marx's continually failing system.

So, come with us back to the Gas-light era and we will see where a lot of today's progressive ideas got started. What happens to the soul after death? What can be expected in the afterlife? The Mysteries of Demeter and her daughter Persephone were held at Eleusis, in Greece, for almost 2, years. These Mysteries had the goal of providing a first hand experience of certainty in the continuity of life after death. They were centered around the myth of Demeter, the earth mother Goddess, and her daughter Persephone.

In this story, Persephone was abducted by Pluto and taken to the Underworld, and eventually was able to return. This myth provided a key to giving real revelations to the population of that world. Thousands of people journeyed to Eleusis each Fall to experience the Eleusinian Mysteries, which means hundreds of thousands were initiated. However, so tight was the secrecy, or so inexpressible was the experience, that no one has ever revealed its profound secrets.

We will explore what is known, what is conjectured, and how Feraferia honors the Eleusinian experience. So tune in and peek behind the veil of death. These recent books are in the tradition of "Hamlet's Mill" , "The Sirius Mystery" and Gordon White's "Star Ships" and they all fall into the category of popular celestial archaeology. Most importantly for us in the Hermetic community they all seek to validate our ancient Initiatiatic Code which holds that we descend from the Heavens and to the Heavens we shall return via the Milky Way as our "River of Souls.

He presents a good case for Cygnus the Swan bringing down the souls like the stork brings babies. I am not sure I agree with all his ideas but for the most part he seems on the mark -- so if you want to follow the Starry Path to immortality, tune in and we'll fly with the swans. The Hermetic Hour Year in Review. On Thursday January 10th, the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will review and highlight the twenty-six live shows we presented in As most of you know these programs are all archived on our Hermetic Hour website with abstracts describing them.

So you can catch up on what you missed at any convenient time. Be sure to have a note pad handy as you listen so you can jot down the dates and titles of the shows you want to find. Such as "Count Cagliostro, the Wizard who invented himself" aired on February 22nd, -- or "The real secrets of the Hypnerotomachia" on May 24th. The 19th Path from Geburah to Chesed - Strength re-broadcast.

The Path is attributed to the letter Teth, the Serpent, and the astrological sign of Leo. The Tarot Trump shows a woman gently closing the mouth of a lion. Crowley's version of the card was called "Lust" and had the woman riding the beast -- this at least symbolizes one aspect of this path, that of conquering the beast within.

The lion symbolism is also astrological and alchemical. This also relates to the Labors of Hercules. This is an important Path and the last one before Da'ath on the Short Path -- so if you want to get ready to make the big jump across the Abyss, tune in and come with us. Parzival, The Hermetic Grail Romance re-broadcast. The author researched and wrote this at our request. It forms an important element in our reconstructed linkage of ancient Phoenician rituals to early Valentinian Christian Gnosticism and to medieval Grail lore.

Modern neo-pagans have never lost their fascination for the Holy Grail quest. The idea that the Grail was originally pagan The Hermetic Krater goes along with the recent revelations of Jesus and Mary Magdalene and the paganizing of Christianity. So, if you want to find the Grail we have the clues for you. Its one of those old books full of secrets and magick. And our job on the Hermetic Hour is to dig them out for you. This particular path is concerned with the issues of personality and individuality in relation to the spiritual ideal of dissolving the ego.

The alternative to this -- according to Gareth Knight -- is a return to Lemurian black magick, an option which we will also examine for it's symbolic significance. So, if you want to journey beyond the Sun then join us Thursday night. Using the Music, films, television, and popular fads of the period as his mirror of reflection he leads us through the decade.

American Standard Version

The cultural impact of the Beatles, and rock music, the sexual revolution, psychedelics, the Bomb, the Vietnam War, Civil Rights, and the rise of feminism are all dealt with in turn. And the inability of established religion to cope with the spiritual challenges of the time is considered. I was a teenager in s America.

I recall that repressive era which preceded the social liberation of the sixties. So if you want to look back at the days of Flower-Power and Strawberry Fields Forever, turn-on, tune-in and give a listen. Hermetic Immortality, Part 2: Theory and Method re-broadcast. This section will deal with the theory and the methods of Consciousness transference to coming incarnations, what is reffered to in the East as the Tulku process.

The Christian aspects of this concept will be discussed along with a review of the origins of Christianity in Gnosticism and its original principles. The relation of immortality to the Qabalah, Astrology, Alchemy and the Tibetan Buddhist Kalachakra system will be discussed. This is an important position paper and should be considered one of our more meaningful contributions to the Hermetic Revival.

Listen in and learn how to live forever. This profound and ultimate mystery can be explained briefly in fairly simple terms, but whenever someone tries to do this they are either laughed at, locked up, or put to death. The concept is so feared and reviled that it is demonized by psychologists and marginalized by modern philosophers, although the great pre-Socratean thinkers Parmenides, Empedocles and Heraclitus considered it primary: the starting point from which the science of logic and reason arise.

The Great Secret is obviously not for everybody even though Jesus tried to get the common man to understand it in mythic rather than philosophic terms. And even though he mythologized it, he still got himself killed! So, we can't come right out and cast our pearls before swine, lest they "turn and rend us.

Kabbalistic Divisions

Lamed Ben Clifford is Lon's fictional creation. Lon thought all of us Hermetic Qabalists needed our own Rabbi, who would not sneer at our Tarot cards and pagan corospondences on the Tree of Life. Ben Clifford's Qabalah was for all of us and it was presented in a humorous style that made the otherwise dry subject come alive. It became one of the best introductions to the subject at least from a Hermetic perspective. The fictional Ben Clifford has passed away but he has left a legacy: a three degree Qabalistic initiation system based on the Sepher Yetzirah's Cube of Space and the Golden Dawn's Hermetic Hebrew alphabet corospondences.

Starting with the Three Mother Letters in the first degree the original tetragrammaton the candidate next internalizes the Seven Double Letters attributed to the planets, and finally, in the Third and last degree, he or she, installs the Twelve Simple letters internalizing the entire Hermetic Qabalistic universe. This is all accomplished with mudras, flashing colors a pitch pipe and geometric mandalas.

This little book of his is a treasure and will make Hermetic Magick come alive for everyone who conscientiously studies it. We have a unique interpretation of The Wheel of Fortune which also appears in our Crata Repoa initiatory system. Chesed also relates to Atlantis as the ruling realm of the mythical world. So if you want to go back in time and meet an amphibious ancient astronaut, tune in and make the journey with us. The 22nd Path from Tiphareth to Geburah - Justice re-broadcast. The Path is attributed to the astrological sign Libra, the Scales of Balance, the Tarot Trump "Justice," and the Hebrew and Phoenician letters "Lamed," both representing the Ox Goad -- which has a remarkable symbolism relating to a Biblical-Canaanite mystery we will reveal for the first time.

Cecco d'Ascoli and the Mirror of Floron. On Thursday October 25th, the Hermetic Hour with host Poke Runyon will present a discussion on the late Medieval astrologer magician Cecco d' Ascoli who was burned at the stake by the Inquisition in a. In several ways he presaged the sad career of Giordano Bruno who went to the stake years later in for a similar offense. Cecco expounded his magick on a geocentric universe model, whereas Bruno paganized or demonized a later Coperican universe.

Cecco d' Ascoli may be considered the father of Solomonic ceremonial mirror magick. One of his most heretical revelations was a description of summoning evoking the demon "Floron", in a mirror of polished steel. Floron had fallen from the Order of Cherebum and served under the Goetic king Amaymon. Such a mirror was described in Picatrix and later depictions of it reveal that it was in fact a hand mirror. After Cecco's execution magicians no longer wrote of magick mirrors but their use continued until the present day.

So if you want to find out where this dark mirror magick got started, tune in and we'll pull another Italian magus out of the fire. So, if you want to cross stormy seas to Anath's Castle on the Edge of Forever, be sure to join us for another exciting adventure in the Land of Otz Chiim. The Phoenicians and The Hermetic Tradition re-broadcast. This follows last week's review of "Jesus the Phoenician" by Karim el Koussa. The references for this evening's discussion will be the recent "Phoenician Secrets" by Sandford Holst and "The Phoenicians, the Purple Empire of the Ancient World" by Gerald Herm, Our focus will be on Phoenician contributions to, and influence on, Western occultism and magick.

It has recently been established that the Phoenician culture is one of the oldest in the world.