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So these "very dry" bones symbolized a situation that looked completely hopeless. Remember that this vision was given as a lesson not only for a nation or for the church, but also for us as individuals. These dry bones represent people. If a person does not have Jesus, his bones are bleached, white, and dry. Spiritually speaking, he has no life. Just as water brings the parched earth to life, God's Word and living water of His Spirit will bring dry souls new life.

Isaiah says, "For I will pour water upon him that is thirsty, and floods upon the dry ground: I will pour my spirit upon thy seed, and my blessing upon thine offspring. Ephesians says, "And you hath he quickened [revived], who were dead in trespasses and sins. We are as good as dry bones. Thankfully, the hope in this story is that God can revive dry bones. When was the rebellious son dead? When he was out living a riotous life. Spiritually he was as dead as a dry mummy, but then God brought him to his knees and restored him to his senses.

Mission Possible! In the vision, God asked Ezekiel a question. He said, "Son of man, can these bones live? God knows everything. He doesn't ask us questions because He's been stumped; He asks in order to get us to think. Just as the ancient philosopher Socrates used to teach by asking questions, so too God asks people questions in order to arouse their thought processes and to get them to analyze the situation.

If Ezekiel had responded to God's question based on the evidence of his senses, he would have answered "no.

If you were the first to the scene of an accident and you saw somebody lying motionless on the ground, you might think, "Perhaps there's hope. But if you saw a skeleton lying in the road, you wouldn't even consider giving it mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. You'd think, "It's just dead bones. There's no hope. What God wants us to learn from this story is that nothing is too hard for Him. What may appear hopeless and dead to you and me is a field full of possibilities for the Lord. Have you known people whom you thought were too far lost to be found?

Someone for whom it seemed useless to pray? The Bible says, Never give up!

Buried Bones

When Mary asked, "How can this be? God never wants us to lose faith that He can give life-even if it appears that a situation is hopeless. We have all heard the proverb where there is life there is hope Ecclesiastes Yet with God there is even hope when there appears to be no life! If you were to walk down the street one day and see a preacher standing on a box preaching to a skeleton, what would you think?

You'd telephone the nearest mental hospital, wouldn't you? You'd assume that man was a menace to society. Preaching to dry bones would seem like a waste of time. A skeleton just isn't listening! But we sometimes forget the incredible vital power of God's Word. If God can speak matter into existence with just a word and if He can make a man out of clay or a woman out of a rib, then it stands to reason that He can also cause the spiritually dead to hear.

So don't lose hope, especially those of you who are pastors and evangelists! You can preach to dry bones and see results. God's Word is so potent and so powerful that it infuses new life into that which appears dead. Whenever the Lord speaks, things happen. The Bible tells us that when Christ said to the leper, Be cleansed, he was immediately clean Mark When Jesus said Get up and walk to a man who had not walked in 38 years, the man walked John There is always inherent power in the Word of God to enable us to do whatever He commands.

Bones are almost always associated with death, yet Scripture tells one story in which bones were a source of life. In 2 Kings we find that Elisha the prophet, who was filled with a double portion of Elijah's spirit, was so Spirit-filled that his bones radiated life even after he was dead! The Bible says that after Elisha died and was buried, some men in Israel were performing a funeral ceremony for one of their friends.

As they were carrying his remains out to bury him, they caught a glimpse of Moabite raiders on horseback. These land pirates had been ransacking the countryside, and the Israelite men knew that they needed to get out of there fast or they'd be the next victims.

Reviving Dry Bones

They didn't want to be disrespectful toward the friend they were burying, but they had to run for their lives. So the Bible says that "they cast the man into the sepulchre of Elisha: and when the man was let down, and touched the bones of Elisha, he revived, and stood up on his feet" verse There are also many modern-day examples of how bones can give life.

In its June issue, Reader's Digest told about a family in which the daughter contracted a form of leukemia that would ultimately kill her unless she received a bone marrow transplant. Because she had an unusual blood type, it was very difficult to find a donor. So her parents did something that was almost unbelievable. They began praying to have another child with the same rare blood type. They hoped this second child, after a short time, would be able to provide the bone marrow needed for their daughter with leukemia.

Things were somewhat complicated by the fact that this was an older couple and the man had already had a vasectomy. Not only would doctors need to reverse that, which is a very iffy procedure in itself, but their new baby would need to have the same rare blood type as the older sister.

It worked. The man's surgery was a success, the couple was able to conceive again, and they gave birth to a second daughter who had the appropriate blood type. After 14 months, the little girl provided enough bone marrow, from her hip, to give a transplant that saved her older sister's life. There is life in the bones.

A Mighty, Vast Army Ezekiel says, "So I prophesied as I was commanded: and as I prophesied, there was a noise, and behold a shaking, and the bones came together, bone to his bone. When God's people preach the truth, it's going to cause a rattling. Things are going to happen. Sometimes it brings revival. At other times it arouses opposition or persecution. Sometimes both! But I guarantee that when the truth is faithfully proclaimed, there's going to be a lot of shaking!

Imagine the prophet standing in this valley, ankle-deep in thousands of sun-bleached skeletons.

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After months of being ravaged by vultures and animals of carrion, this virtual sea of helter-skelter bones had been scattered all over the place. Then, as Ezekiel began to preach, there was a rattling. Suddenly as if drawn by some powerful unseen magnet, bones began to whiz and fly through the air, being pulled back to their original partners as God began the amazing process of reassembly.

After the bones came together in their appropriate positions and Ezekiel continued preaching, the Bible says that sinew and tendons began to take their places. Next the skin was put in position. Notice that God was doing things in order. He did not say, "Let's put all the flesh together. OK, now let's see if we can squeeze the bones inside the skin. Now let's put the muscle on the outside. God always works through process and does things in their proper order-whether it is rebuilding His church or reviving us individually.

Peter tells us that growing in Christ is also a process with order. At this point all the body parts were in their proper place. The bones, muscle, and skin were in position, but still there was no life. The brain was in the head, but it wasn't thinking. The lungs were there, but the body wasn't breathing.

The heart was in place, but it was not beating. Like Adam before the Lord inflated him with the breath of life, each soldier was a perfect lifeless corpse. So now Ezekiel is surrounded not with thousands of disconnected bones, but with an army of cold bodies. They were probably very good-looking corpses, but they were dead nonetheless. This condition accurately describes some churches.

They might have everything in place, but there is no spiritual life. Jesus says of them: "I know thy works, that thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead" Revelation Outwardly the members look really good. They think they're rich and increased with goods and in need of nothing Revelation , yet they do not have the breath of life. Ezekiel says, "So I prophesied as he commanded me, and the breath came into them, and they lived, and stood up upon their feet, an exceeding great army.

God gives them life to fight. They become an army. In the same way, God gives us spiritual life so we can become soldiers in His army. We come to the Lord, He breathes into us the breath of life, then we go for the Lord. Describe the box they found. Why did the boys think the box held treasure? Which boy always seems to offer a sensible solution to every problem? Why do you think Afrika growled as they began to open the box? Make a prediction. Where do you think the bones came from? Chapter 6 Why would it be impossible for the bones they found to be dinosaur bones?

What information do they need to solve the mystery of the buried bones?

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What is Ziggy's plan? What did they do with the two boxes? What does Rashawn's father tell him about clues? What did the note say that was found near the chopped-down basketball poles? What do you think the message might mean? Why did that note make Rashawn extra curious and interested? Who do you think destroyed the basketball court? What clues do they have so far? Chapter 7 Jerome realizes his grandmother might be an important resource for information.

Explain how she could possible know about what happened in the neighborhood long ago. What information can your parents and your grandparents give you about your neighborhood or your family history?

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What information does Jerome's grandmother share about their neighborhood? What did she say the old folks used to whisper about? What used to be on the other side of the fence they used to build the clubhouse? Find out if it is illegal to build an apartment over a graveyard. What information do the boys seek at the library? What kind of books was Mr.

Greene checking out from the library? List all the clues the boys have collected so far. Chapter 8 Describe the "two-headed man" that Rico's mom saw. Who was it really and what was he doing? What did the boys learn from the book about bones they got from the library? What connection do you think Mr. Greene has to the destroyed basketball poles? Greene has to the destroyed box of bones? What does Ziggy discover about Mr. Why is this suspicious? What song was Mr. Greene singing? Why was that mysterious? Why does Rashawn think they need an emergency meeting of the Black Dinosaurs?

Why do the boys decide sleep in the clubhouse? Have you ever slept outside at night, for example, at camp? Make a list of the items you would take on a campout in your best friend's backyard. Chapter 9 List the things Rico's mother had given him for the campout. What does this tell you about her? What is frightening about sleeping outside in their clubhouse?

Why did they bring the treasures inside the clubhouse? What has happened to Blackasaurus? What do the boys think has happened to it? What is scary to the boys as they hear Mr. Greene digging and singing? What do you think Mr. Greene is digging for? What does Ziggy's sneeze trigger? Explain Mr. Greene's statement "The past cannot be buried! I will destroy the destroyers! Greene at the end of the chapter. Chapter 10 What does the thunder add to the mood of the story?

Draw a picture of the four boys and Mr. Greene at the beginning of chapter ten. What is each boy doing? What is Mr. Greene doing? Why does Mr. Greene cry? How do the boys react to his tears? Have you ever seen an adult cry? How did that make you feel? What made Ziggy scream? Why does this add excitement to the scene? Greene makes several comments about when he was a little boy. Write a description of Mr.

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Greene as a child and the kinds of games he played or toys he played with. Why do you think the boys decide to trust Mr. How safe do you think the boys were in the clubhouse with Mr. What might have been dangerous about the situation? How has the boys' impression of Mr.

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Greene changed since they saw him at the library? Chapter 11 Create a timeline of Grandfather Mac's life and Mr. Greene's life as he describes it. What do the boys learn about slavery from Mr. What do the boys learn about Cincinnati and its importance to slaves? How old is Mr. How does Mr.

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Greene help to solve the mystery of the song about the bones? Greene help to solve the mystery of the destroyed basketball poles? What proof does he have? Who is Burke Builders and what bad things had they done in the past? What do the boys decide to do with the box of bones? What had really happened to Blackasaurus? What did the boys learn about the importance of remembering the past? Additional Activities: A.

Information to explore and discover. Writing activities: Using newspaper ads from builder's supply stores, find out what you'd need to build your own clubhouse, and how much it would cost. Write up a plan for your clubhouse. Owning a pet is a big responsibility. Find out all the things you have to do to care for a dog. Write an essay about dog ownership.