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Employee efficiency and talent determines the pace and growth of the organizations. A company is only as good as the people it keeps. Watch our Demo Courses and Videos. The employees their knowledge, expertise, abilities, skill-sets, and experience are the invaluable and intangible assets in securing the future. Think of what all the organization could achieve with everyone in the boat actively rowing towards the same direction.

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Following are the reasons clarifying why the employees are considered as the most Invaluable Intangible assets for any organization. On the other hand, the happy employees will make their outside-workplace social group leave their organizations and join in yours. Remember, positive attracts positive. Look after employees first and then customers last. If we look at it, it would seem that the employees are tangible assets.

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The organization requires someone with equivalent skill-set. The major responsibility of an organization is to keep the employees happy and satisfied.

How B2B Salespeople Can Find the Right Decision Maker in Any Company

This does not come with the huge salaries or hefty paychecks alone. There are a lot many other factors besides this, which help in retaining the invaluable and intangible assets of the organizations, viz. Employees are undoubtedly the invaluable and intangible assets for any organization taking it forward by keeping a dynamic and learning environment to cope up with the continuously changing industry whether it is the technological advancements, or political and economic changes.

The reason employees are termed intangible is because the skill-set, expertise, knowledge, and experience possessed by an employee cannot be measured in terms of money.

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The salaries are given to a position and not the skills of an employee. The truth is: any company has a culture. So no matter how amazing your product or your service is, building a great company is all about setting the right culture. You get it right, and you will see incredible results.

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What do you think? Would you agree that the company culture is the most important thing in any organization? Let me know in the comment section below. Sunday, October 6, Sign in. Forgot your password? Get help. Password recovery. AlphaGamma Business portal for young professionals.

Home Entrepreneurship The most important thing in any company. Do you know what it is? If you're in that position now, here are a few things you can do to make yourself stand out.

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I'm assuming you chose to work with a company whose employees you respect. Act like it.

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  • Among the surest signs of turnaround I've seen in new hires is a lack of appreciation for those of us who've been around. When someone -- at any level -- fails to tap into our experience and instead dives head-first into a project from scratch, the project is usually doomed, followed by their career with the company. Because you're working with smart people, show them you respect their knowledge and experience. Before suggesting changes or diving in with new ideas, ask "How has this been done in the past?

    That doesn't mean you shouldn't suggest improvements where they're needed; just don't assume you're the first one to think of something, and figure out if any groundwork has already been laid.

    3 Steps Any Company Can Take to Kickstart Career Development

    Regardless of the size of the company -- 10 employees or 10, -- go-to people exist for the issues you'll deal with day to day. One of my favorite things about onboarding at The Penny Hoarder is that new employees set up meetings with relevant people across the company. For example, new folks on my team learn how the work of our social media, advertising and SEO teams intersect with their editorial work.

    In your first week or two, identify the right people to talk to in each project or department, and get to know them. If you're going to work closely with someone from a different team, ask them to lunch or coffee. Make a point to chat when you see them in the halls.