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And there are a few different types to consider, so let's take a look. Feature phones, on the other hand, are a little bit easier to wrap your head around since they're pretty simplistic, but let's delve into the two different kinds of cell phones below, so you can have a better understanding. Unlike smartphones, feature phones are generally built with only a few purposes in mind: calling and texting. Sure, some can do other things, too, but if all you want your phone to do is make calls and text people, then the feature phone may be the way to go.

Next up is the fact that feature phones are often more durable than smartphones. Feature phones, on the other hand, are often built with plastic, and have a much smaller screen, making for less area to crack if the phone is dropped.

Which is the best smartphone in 12222?

There are dozens of advantages to using a smartphone over a feature phone, but they all boil down to one thing: Smartphones can simply do more. A lot more. Sure, they can text and make calls just like any other phone, but they can also run apps, browse the Web, manage e-mails, and come with a bigger screen, which makes them great for watching videos and looking pictures. Last but not least, they have a decent camera, and smartphone manufacturers are pouring cash into making the cameras even better, too. There are a few downsides to smartphones. Really, we recommend a smartphone to most users out there.

They may be bigger and more expensive, but ultimately the fact that they can do so much more makes them well and truly worth those downsides. So if you decided you want a smartphone, you'll have to then consider which operating system you want to use. The operating system on a smartphone plays the same role as an operating system on a computer.

Interested in an Android operating system? Android is the most popular smartphone operating system in the world, and for a number of reasons.

3 Must-Have Cell Phones For Seniors

For starters, unlike Apple, which only allows for iOS to be used on its iPhones, Google licenses out Android to other companies. The result of that is that Google Assistant is more capable than some other digital assistants, and Android is better at predicting what you might want to do and when you might want to do it. In the end, there are a few main reasons to go for an Android phone. There are plenty of reasons to go for an iPhone — the phone that runs iOS — over an Android device.

From the start, iOS guides you through getting used to your phone, and pretty much everything is where you would expect it to be. Settings are all in the settings app, apps are all lined up together, and so on. Because of the fact that Apple controls every aspect of the development of an iPhone, they can generally last longer and feel faster in how they handle things like multitasking.

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If you want a simple user interface, better Apple integration, and a phone that performs better for longer, then a phone with iOS is probably the way to go. Only a few of these things are an issue when buying an iPhone there are only a few iPhone models each year to choose from.

The processor is essentially the brain of a computer, or in this case, a phone. Longevity is important here: A phone with a sub-par processor might be perfectly fine at handling the apps of today, but that may not be true of the apps being released in two years. There are a few companies developing processors for smartphones.

Apple develops its own processors in-house, but the likes of Qualcomm, MediaTek, Samsung, and more, all develop processors for Android phones. In the U. The higher the number here, the better. Storage is perhaps the most important thing for most people to consider.

The #1 Things To Consider Before Buying A New Phone (MUST READ)

The more storage you have on your phone, the more files, apps, photos, video, etc. We recommend getting a phone with at least 16GB of storage for light users , though 32GB is going to be much better, and 64GB or more should be enough for heavy users. Some phones also allow for external storage, usually through a MicroSD card slot. With this slot, you can buy a small card about the size of a SIM card, which can be used to store files on.

The camera has become one of the most important aspects of a phone. After all, when a phone has a great camera it means you can quickly capture a moment without having to carry around another camera. There are a few things that make a great camera, but the most important is the software behind it. Still, there are a few specs to consider.

For starters, the resolution of the camera is important to many people. Resolution determines the number of pixels that make up a photo or video — and a higher number of pixels means the photo will look good on higher resolution displays. As displays continue to go up in resolution, that can be very important. Larger apertures, however, are represented by smaller numbers —which is confusing, but unfortunately the way it is. We recommend looking at reviews for a phone to determine whether the camera is good or not. The two models, made by Samsung, are the Jitterbug5 flip phone and the smartphone Jitterbug Touch3.

Both have a bright color screen and an easy-peasy navigation button. You can also opt for Urgent Care. With the 5Star Medical Alert feature, an emergency button sends her immediately to a National Academy of Emergency Dispatchers agent who will help not just for a medical emergency, but if she is lost or feels unsafe.

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  • The Jitterbug Touch3 smartphone has more bells and whistles. Besides making and receiving calls, it lets you text, email, surf the Internet and download apps. All those commands are simple to read on one screen. Want to check your heart rate?

    Best smartphones 12222: the very best phones, ranked

    The Touch3 can do that with an app. Attach the heart monitor to the back of the smartphone to record an electrocardiogram and track trends for the family and the doctor. She drives and lives alone. The Annapolis, Md. The couple logs on frequently to see where she is without bothering her. Snapfon ezTWO.

    Choosing the Best Cell Phones for Seniors

    Snapfon ezTWO comes with a speaking keyboard. You can disable that feature. As soon as users press the button, it sends a typed text to designated contacts; among them can be a monitoring center or Vernita Miller bought one for her mother. She lives in a New Jersey nursing home where it is nearly impossible for her to have outside phone conversations.

    The Snapfon has solved that problem. Miller's mother speaks to her every day, talks to her doctors and has learned to text with her grandchildren. Sally Abrahms is an award-winning writer specializing in aging, caregiving, boomers, housing and aging in place. Her website is sallyabrahms.