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On their way to Luding Bridge, the soldiers of the 4th regiment, 2nd division, 1st corps of the Chinese Red Army discovered that on the opposite bank, two regiments of the nationalist reinforcement were on their way to Luding Bridge. The nationalists were faster because they used torches at night, while the communists avoided them in order to move without being detected. Neither of the forces had any radio equipment, and the sound of the raging river made vocal communication impossible.

Consequently, the nationalists used bugles for command and control. However, the communists successfully fooled the nationalists into believing that they were on the same side by using the bugle commands of Chiang Kai-shek's ally and designated regional commander, Yang Sen, in reply to the nationalists' signals.

In the face of heavy rains, the nationalists stopped their march and camped. The communists pressed on, and reached the bridge first. On the eastern bank, the right column already started their march to the Luding Bridge. The Nationalist 10th regiment, 4th brigade was the closest opposing force to the communists, and began spreading out along the Dadu river.

On May 29, , the communist 2nd regiment engaged the nationalist 11th regiment, and with the help of the communist 3rd regiment, which arrived after the battle began, completely wiped out the nationalist 12th regiment. With the main Kuomintang army closing in on the Chinese Red Army , it was decided to send a small volunteer force across the badly damaged bridge.

While Red Star Over China , which uses the old-style name Tatu River, says there were thirty men in the force, it is now generally accepted that there were only twenty-two soldiers [ citation needed ] from the company that took part. Red Army sources agree that the members of the force crawled over the bare iron chains of the bridge while under heavy Nationalist machine-gun fire from the opposite side.

Most of the assault team did not leave their names behind. Of the 22 assault team members, only four other than the team leader, Liao Dazhu, are known.

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According to Red Star Over China , three were hit, fell, and died but the rest came forward, and Red Star Over China suggests that some of the warlord forces admired their foes and were not shooting to kill. The Regimental political commissar, Yang Chengwu , was the commander who led the actual attack. According to his memoirs and the recollections of the survivors of the twenty-two man assault team, there were no fatalities on the bridge itself, but several members of the force were wounded.

However, in the ensuing battle to establish a bridgehead, two men were killed, and there were more fatalities in the subsequent battles to defend the bridgehead from the nationalists' counterattacks, which continued until the Red Army reinforcements arrived. At a late stage in the battles, "paraffin was thrown on the planking and it began to burn".

Despite the presence of Red Army forces on both ends of the bridge, the NRA force guarding the bridge and Luding City were driven off it and began to retreat towards the city proper, and some surrendered. As a reward, every surviving member of the volunteer team was awarded a fountain-pen, a notebook, a pair of chopsticks, a Zhongshan suit , and an enamel bow, and this was significant at the time in terms of Chinese Red Army's standard: the reward was equivalent of at least half a decade's salary of an ordinary Chinese Red Army soldier.

The political commissar of the 4th regiment, Yang Chengwu, also received the same reward. Despite their rewards, none of the survivors lived to see the establishment of the People's Republic. At the Luding Bridge memorial museum, specially built to commemorate the event, only four out of the 22 pillars had names engraved, while the rest were unnamed.

There were actually two battles fought simultaneously at the site, one at the bridge and the other in Luding City, although due to the needs of political propaganda, the second battle was not publicized until recently. Indeed, it was the second battle that was fought at the suburb of Luding City that was critical in taking the bridge, and the first shot of all was fired in this "second" battle.

Furthermore, it was not the twenty-two members of the assault team from the 2nd company, 4th regiment that first entered Luding City, but the 7th company of the same regiment, with more than five dozen soldiers, who first succeeded in breaking into the city. After reaching the bridge, the commander and the political commissar of the 4th regiment, 2nd division, Chinese Red Army 1st Corps divided the troops into three formations: one assault team to attack the bridge, one team to cross the river and attack them from behind from the suburb of Luding City, and the majority of the force to provide the cover for the assault team.

The 7th company was assigned to perform the second task. There was a turn of the Dadu River two km downstream from Luding Bridge, which made it impossible for the defenders of the city to see what was going on at the turn—besides, the nationalist defenders never expected that anyone would cross from there. As a result, the 7th company was able to cross the Dadu River with two rafts, and there was not a single enemy soldier at the opposite shore. After the crossing, the sixty soldiers of the 7th company marched upstream toward Luding City on the eastern bank of Dadu River.

However, the communist soldiers and the nationalist soldiers were more than meters apart; the bullets of the nationalist soldiers could not reach their targets due to the nationalists' inferior weaponry. The communist soldiers of the 7th company immediately assaulted the enemy position and conquered the nationalist battalion within two hours. Learning that the Red Army had come from behind, the nationalist commanders immediately sent out another battalion for reinforcement, leaving only a token force to guard the bridge.

The nationalists were overconfident in their defense of the bridge, not believing that anybody could cross over the bare iron chains under fire. However, the nationalist response simply took too long and it was so disorganized that it was not until the battalion outside the city was decimated that the reinforcement began to move out of the city. After realizing the attacking force was indeed the enemy and not the reinforcements they hoped for, purportedly only after witnessing defeat of the battalion deployed in the suburb, the nationalist defenders inside the city were reluctant to leave the protection of the city wall and fortifications.

Furthermore, the survivors of the battalion deployed outside the city wall greatly exaggerated the strength of the attacking communist force in order to make an excuse for their own failure after escaping back into the city. In order to prevent morale from dropping further, the nationalist commanders decided not to inform their soldiers about the incoming communist force other than for the battalion sent out, a decision they would later regret.

The disorganized and slow response also created another disaster for the national defenders inside the city wall: unaware of the newly changed battle plans that were hastily put together, the soldiers of the remaining battalion began to flee, abandoning their posts, because they thought the other battalion deployed to reinforce the already-destroyed battalion in the suburb were in fact escaping.

The battalion on its way outside the city wall, in turn, seeing the remaining defenders starting abandoning their posts to flee and hearing the greatly exaggerated enemy from the survivors from the already destroyed battalion, also panicked and fled back into the city, abandoning their assigned mission. By this time, the 2nd company of the same regiment on the western end of the bridge had already started their assault from the other side.

The survivors of the 7th company fought their way directly toward the bridge, and successfully supported their comrades from the other side on the western bank of the Dadu River. The 4th regiment of the 2nd division, 1st CRA Corps, expected a fierce battle between them and the nationalists, but instead, the battle was short-lived. The entire Chinese Red Army had completed its crossing by June 2, , and thus this skirmish may have saved the Red Army from a major defeat. The event raised morale for the troops, and was later used as a propaganda tool to highlight the courage of the communists.

Having interviewed eyewitnesses, including the owner of a nearby shop, they state that the Kuomintang did not sabotage the bridge, or contest the crossing. According to them, the Long March was exaggerated and used as propaganda. There are non-Chinese writers who have supported the Communist point-of-view: for example, Harrison E. Other accounts agree in some ways with Chang's and suggest that propaganda greatly exaggerated the event see below for more detail.

The river is the 'Ta Tu' and the bridge "Lutinchiao". This account says that the attackers were led by Platoon Commander Ma-Ta-chiu, who was also the first to die. And that overall seventeen men died. This may include deaths in the unit that had crossed the river by boat and attacked from the other side. I even told them we went to Luding Bridge, which was the site of a special, important heroic battle in which the Red Forces were able to cross the river under very difficult and treacherous conditions. It was a great feat of arms to have crossed that bridge.

We needed that to express the fighting spirit of our forces. In fact, it was a very easy military operation. The incident served as a major morale-raising opportunity for political propaganda. It is incorporated into the textbooks of Chinese elementary schools. However, in order to magnify the heroism of the Red Army, the important second battle fought at the suburb of Luding City on the eastern bank of Dadu River was kept secret, despite the fact it is well documented in the communists' own history archives.

Even in the era of reform, movies such as Dadu River , depicting the event, did not touch the subject. Wu was only 18 when he participated in the battle, and he lost a section of his left index finger in that battle. He was the only survivor in his squadron to reach Shaanxi after the Long March. Ed Jocelyn and Andrew McEwen, two western writers living in China investigated the matter while retracing the route of the Long March:.

Sun Shuyun , who was born in China and has made documentaries for the BBC , did her own retracing of the march. At Luding Bridge, a local blacksmith gave her the following account:. Only a squadron was at the other end. It was a rainy day. Their weapons were old and could only fire a few metres. They were no match for the Red Army. When they saw the soldiers coming, they panicked and fled—their officers had long abandoned them. There wasn't really much of a battle. Still, I take my hat off to the twenty-two soldiers who crawled on the chains. My father and I did it in the old days when we checked the bridge, but we were inside a basket.

Those men were brave. They crossed very quickly. The blacksmith also said that after they had crossed, the Red Army cut through four of the bridge's nine chains, making it unusable for months. This has not been mentioned in other accounts, but Sun Shuyun found another source and discovered that the idea came from Mao. She also suggests that the Red Army was indeed given an easy passage, but that this was done by local warlords in defiance of Chiang Kai-shek :.

When [Red Army commander] Zhu De , Liu Bocheng and Nie Rongzhen , his fellow Sichuanese, sent him money and a letter, asking for safe passage through his territory, including the Luding Bridge, he happily obliged He told his men to put up only half-hearted resistance, and to allow the Red Army through without much of a fight Liu kept his contact with the Communists In he mutinied, taking two other warlords with him over to the Communists In the Propaganda Director of Luding government stated: "West Point has documented the crossing of Luding Bridge into their textbook.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Selkis can also uses Healing Rain thanks to Adam for mentioning this tidbit When Selkis dies, the battle ends. Drops: G x? Go into the adjacent room and speak with her, learning that the Fire Stone is hidden in Epistia and Lilia has been captured at Varam Barrens. When you can walk freely, re-enter the delegates' hall and take the right adjacent room.

As you try to leave, Savina asks that you seek out a man named Spencer in Epistia. Ganz will rejoin the party once you go back outside. Head to the arena and speak with the mercenary to make Ganz join permanently. Go to the world map and board Big Owl, flying to Epistia. Destination: Kassim Highway. Go to the guard and answer the first three questions however you like they're all correct. The answer for the fourth question is "Darkham Ekid na Bard" -- answer otherwise and you'll have to fight the goons.

I'll list the battle here. Raid them for the free drops, and make sure to kill the Commander first off to get another Super Bomb. Whether or not the fight is worth doing for this reason is up to the player. Save point is in the accessory shop, the healer 60G is by the item shop. Unfortunately, all economic activity has been halted so you can't buy anything just yet.

Almost diagonal across town, you'll find the Sulfas pub. Inquire about Spencer to the pub owner to get barely a response. Leave and watch the scenes in the equipment shop by the healer to learn that her husband Jaquel is supplying the resistance. On the street, find the old man standing alone now he is; he used to be talking with someone in a corner and speak with him.

He runs an item shop, but you need to ask about the resistance. Supposedly, there's a secret entrance in the pub. The barkeep folds when you tell him about the secret casino below, and drops a hint: "the back and the front always come to the same number Of course, he's speaking about a die. The man reading the rules sheet leaves, now, so go over and read the seventh rule. Push in the object you're prompted to and head downstairs.

Talk to Zev to learn about the Dilzweld stronghold being built on Mt. Quina, and before you can storm there, Sulfas must be liberated. The army garrisons are at Viorav Mine and the Parenz Ruins. You can attack either one first, but it doesn't matter since you'll have a mandatory stop at Kassim Highway. Fight to the death! Maru can hit at least six enemies with Venom Arrow on the first turn! Such a trouncing, too.

I'll do Parenz first. Sorry, no barbed-tongue wit this time. Basically just another victory over the Dilzweld, here. It should be noted that "Commander" does not drop anything here, but you can steal a Revival Medicine from him. Almost starting to think these junkyard dogs were flat broke. An old tin robot will awaken Ziekbeck and talk to you. Make sure you get it, then head to the Viorav Mine for some cleaning house. You'll want to save up for Binding Arrow, which will be infinitely more useful for the rest of the game. For a bunch of soldiers out in the sticks, they sure are quick to mobilize Still, this battle is easy enough that you won't have to use skills at all.

The Metal Drums are all hollow except for one in front of a Foot Soldier , so don't get done in by any indirect nonsense they do 50 damage on the dot. Since half of them are near the party and half far away, you can dispatch them in two separate pieces and get the jump on them when they're forced to approach you. If you defeat the Commander you can get a Broken Sword, although you may want to opt for the Power Berry you can pickpocket off him.

Before you do that, head into the side-entrance and run past the men looking at the item on the truckbed. Now, go downstairs in the pub to Spencer and watch what unfolds. Sell your Broken Sword s and junk items to finance yourself. Also, the Item Shop will now be open for business, and Spirit Stone prices have been kicked down to 3 although I still don't recommend buying any of them here Instead, you'll have to make your way through and rescue the Resistance members by 'talking' to them.

They only attack once you've started to approach the ramps or stairways leading up to the metal platform, so you're safe as long as you stay put on dirt. They come at full HP, so one blast is nothing to worry about. The fight concludes once you've rescued all three members, whether enemies are alive or not. Go to the hideout. There's a beam cannon in the main plant After some scenes, you'll need to make a Tele-Op for the remote-controlled attack.

The Spirit Stones are needed to fire, which you need to get from Viorav Mine don't ask me why you can't just buy them. Pick up the third Spirit Dictionary at one of the walkway's dead ends if you haven't already. Time to get to work. As you try to leave, the three-man Shinobi Gang decides to tango with you. The scrap mountains all have good spoils, too.

Talk to him and choose "Actually I don't" when asked if you believe him to get the item. Picking the alternative makes you lose this item FOREVER, as you won't get another chance although you can come back to Parenz for quite a few chapters. At the bottom if the welcoming party. Stay apart and tag-team the monsters which, even at my levels, can be taken down fairly easily.

Go back to Sulfas. By this time, you should hopefully know Binding Arrow, as it will be a huge boon in the battles ahead. If you don't, spend some time to learn it -- it's only a Class 4 skill. When you're ready, it's time to get that stronghold in a stranglehold! As the mechanics said, you can only use the beam cannon up to three times -- waste even two and you've screwed yourself.

Only Kharg can use the "Blast Laser" accessible from Special Moves menu , but they can hit the cannons no matter where you are. Once the cannons are scrap metal, you can spread out and do the slaughterin' like you do so well. Since there will be fire-element monsters ahead, buying an Aquamarine or two could be a great help Once you've penetrated the citadel you'll be surrounded by those darn Dilzweld. Fight like a brave! Still, not much stronger, just more to deal with. It should be noted that the Wooden Box here contains a Paulette- -only accessory Fireproof Gloves that are only available in this fight.

Get them before the chance gets away! Watch the scene regarding the Megist airship and you will be in the lava-filled part of the volcano. Go back down the left path and you'll see a chest sitting off on a li'l branch. Get ready for a battle before you take the elevator up -- it's open season on the Lakelta. Have Maru destroy that Gunpowder Can off the bat to explode one of the Lakelta.

Only the Red Dragons are bothersome here, as they have very decent physical attacks. Take note of the wooden box all the way at the end of the twisty path -- it contains 11 Spirit Stones and an Aquamarine, if you need 'em. Another battle occurs when you take the lift up. That said, you should steal a Phoenix Tail Feather from one of them since you won't get a chance to get another later on sometimes you steal Gunpowder. You can also find a Red Charm in the wooden box at the other side of the field. Since PTFs raise Maru's attack by 6, and you can repeat these battles, stock up on as many of them and Red Charms as you think necessary.

You can always sell 'em later, no? Back at the first branch, save your game, heal up and enter the shaft down the way. After a few scenes, you'll be humored with the last battle you'll have to fight in this Lakelta dump. Tatjana joins you as a guest.

All items they drop are one-time-only so get them while you can I'd feel bad if I didn't remind you. That said, each Lakelta freak has a different attack, and Tsee's HUGE radius spinning attack is the one you should look out for. Take him down first, then go for the rest, picking up the drops as you go along. Events concerning the Fire Stone play and you'll have to walk to the bridge.

After, talk to Tatjana, Ganz, then Tatjana again. Go to the rope ladder and kiss this chapter goodbye! Yay you! Speaking of which, the arena is closed Go to the inn the area where Camellia is pacing and the Balar will let you sleep for free. After an event, you'll have to search town. Go inside the arena and wait for the battle to come.

Remember to purchase any new abilities you learned on last chapter's class up. The Drakyr just have a lot of HP but no new tricks besides Tornado. Make sure you steal the Swordsman's Blade Volk-only from Droguza as it's the only time you'll get such a chance. Since Droguza abuses Black Out like it's goin' out of style, use Delma's Magic Shield to halve the damage and put him in his place. Oh, and he can be poisoned, too, which will really help chip away his health. Drops: 17 Spirit Stones, G Afterwards, sleep at the inn to get the notion of heading to Ragnoth, the Drakyr homeland.

Hop to it In any case, head up the stairway, watch the recognition scene, and enter the elder's room to find Williwo. He clues you in to the Dragon Ordeal which, if you pass, he'll quit being tight-lipped and tell you where Droguza is. It will be a Darc-only battle at the destination, so deck Darc your best equips and give him at least 5 Good Herbs if you're about my levels Head to DB Valley on the map. Business as usual, eh? Party-buff yourselves with Heated Soul, Guard Field, and Speed Up before the enemy approaches you; then, get the jump on them with status-inflicting skills.

Use a Sword of Awakening to thin them out and work on the Commander and Riflemen who are left. Make sure to get the Life Ring from the steel box diagonal from the two close to each other. The Commander drops a Broken Sword, but you can steal a Steel Ball from him -- the latter may be useful in the fight ahead. Speaking of which, you should now have five of the seven tablets.

If you don't Try to leave and some scenes will occur, culminating in two giant dragon statues awakening. Their huge sizes often mean that when one is in the way, the other can't do anything -- use this time to strike. If you find yourself having problems, summon the Pyron and use that Steel Ball if you have one. They both have breath attacks, but you should be able to survive with a few Good Herbs. They each have about HP. Talk to the elder to learn Droguza is around Thunor Point.

When you can pick options to ask Williwo about, do all of them. Rejoin with your party and you can leave once again. Leave none left standing! Delma and Camellia will get a fire aura after a conversation on the third or fourth turn, if you need the extra boost. The rightmost soldier in the fight also drops an Agility Bottle. There are many paths for you to flank the enemy, and most enemies can be hit with large-radius attacks. The Commander only has a Super Bomb steal here and is the only enemy worth watching out for and even then, only marginally.

Steel Box contains a Rescue Kit. End of the line! That done, send 3 of your party members to deal with Droguza and the Dilzweld while you send two down the stairs to break the crates. The Gun Traps suck, like usual, and you can take them out before the soldiers even start moving. So, why send people to break all the crates? For one, you can get a Bountiful Fruit, which gives you a free level-up; second, you can get a lovely equip called Romantic Earrings that reduces your Spirit Stone costs by one-third; third, you can get a Darc-only item, Barbed Wire, which makes his attack area widen a little.

On a crate-by-crate basis, the Bountiful Fruit is one of the wooden boxes, the Barbed Wire in a steel box by the stairway, and the Romantic Earrings in the steel box farthest from where you start. It's crucial that you use Magic Shield since it lasts the entire battle and makes the skill do forty-ish damage.

The Great Abyss (Into the Future)

He also has an HP-draining physical attack that mimicks Darc's own Vampire Fang, so watch out for that in the close range. If you need to deal extra damage, poison that sucker. Romantic Earrings didnt drop when a mind controlled soldier broke open the box. Back in the hallway, go to the third, locked door and Darc will infiltrate it through a vent.

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After a few scenes, you'll have to make a break for the exit. A few soldiers will stumble across you. The two under-leveled soldiers are not a match for anything, really. Use Sword of Awakening to take them both out quickly or, waste a little time and get the Gale Headband from the steel box. Automatic scenes end the chapter. One is talking with a woman in the spot where Jaquel used to peddle; the other is in the main plant trying to buy a pitch propeller.

Talk to Samson at the pub once again and you'll be able to leave. You don't need to fool around with that, though -- go to the glowing red control panel to operate a small lift.

Brooklyn Top Stories

Take it down to find the radio on the cart and you will learn Darkham is on Ragnoth. Go back to Big Owl after Zev brings you bad news. Look at the headstone on the grave where Paulette will say that Darc headed for the Cave of Truth. Try to leave the Castle Ruins and scenes will play that end the chapter automatically yes, I said end. Tree Berry Enemies: oo Darc's party members will be gathered here after Thunor Point.

Go see Williwo who will pose a question with three options. The answer you give decides what item you receive at the end of the conversation. Outside, Bebedora "reads the wind" for Darc's soul and the party pieces together that he went to Yewbell. You'll have to go to Chaos Forest first, though. This one's missable, folks. Then, when she leaves, talk to her again in the pub. After a scene, the view goes back to the forest. You'll be fighting without Bebedora, too. Use a few party buffs and go after the Whip Hunter, who can poison you. Camellia's Sleepy Wind can really buy you some time.

Apparently talking to the townspeople has no effect on this drop, as originally thought. After a few scenes, you land on Cragh. Talk to Samson and he'll join your party for awhile. Go to the world map and head for The Beach. Note that this is the only place in the game you can buy an Anti-Slothian accessory, so if you want one for your stash, now's the time.

When you're ready to continue, talk to the Slothian on the pier who'll tell you about Elder Hill. Go up there to find the sleepyheads lazing around. Find one that will wake up and inquire about the New Hero and the Holy Mother; then, ask two more about Nafia and Windalf. Once you ask about the Cave of Truth, the location will show up on the map.

Steam Community :: Guide :: Final Fantasy X-2 % Achievement Guide

The enemies there will be light- and dark-elemental, so buy a Soot of Darkness and Luminous Moss for your weapon recommended. Darc [Guest] This battle can be annoying since every enemy can inflict paralysis. If you know any area-effect skills for Kharg, now would be a good time to let loose. Make sure to equip a Luminous Moss if you got one, since it'll play off their elemental weakness.

Samson's Big Shot skill also deals light-elemental damage. Go to the red-colored rock under the moon symbol and push it in. Equip a Soot of Darkness and go to town. Watch out 'cause they can silence you. There's a chance Darc bites the big one here, so if you need the extra help make Samson shadow him. It will be very useful in one of the latter chapters. If you fail to get it, remember that you can save in-between the battles. Touch the red-colored stone once again and you'll be tested.

Darc [Guest] Pretty much the same battle as last time except the enemies start off in a big cluster. That means Samson's physical range is his best asset here, and Darc will get KO'd like usual. Use Healing Rain if you need to cure and make sure to get the Eyes of a Peregrine that is dropped.

Remember: if you miss the drop like I did my first time, you can save in-between the battles. Press the red-colored rock under the symbol of three stars to be given a third and last test battle. Darc [Guest] This battle is the same as all the others, except there's no rare drops to find. It may actually be easier than all the others since you start out surrounded but they're too far away to gang up on you.

As they approach, you can usually abuse Samson's weapon range and hit three or four of them at a time. Drops: 18 Spirit Stones x2 Talk to the balls of light and exit back into the main hall. The door that was previously locked will be unsealed, and you can enter after a short talk.

Watch the poolside events and you'll be back at the village. If you haven't gotten an Anti-Slothian accessory yet, it's my duty to remind you that they won't always be available here so get one while you can. Go to the pier to cue a song, then talk to Samson. Darc's at Elder Hill, so go visit him, too. Shortly, Samson delivers some bad news. Go back to The Beach. Darc [Guest] Not really much difference here from the other small Dilz-groups you've beaten down before. Samson can often hit multiple enemies with his range, and there's not really much to the rest.

On the third turn, both Samson and Kharg will get a free fire aura. The Commander drops a Steel Armband. The Dilz-dorks haven't yet left, and there's only one fiery place they'll be going Darc [Guest] Once again, you're treated to a generic Dilz-skirmish. Deal with them in the same way you've been doing -- Samson's long-range physical attacks, Kharg's multi-hitting skills -- and do away with them during this last battle on the island. On the second turn, Kharg and Samson get a free fire aura for dual attacks. The Commander drops a unique item Dilzweld Visor for Tatjana, so be sure to kill him during the first few turns; a Gunner can drop a Blue Power Lens for the airship.

If you want to get an Anti-Slothian accessory, now would be a dandy time to spend five grand on one. Talk to Samson on the beach to end the chapter. You can have a chance next chapter, but if you don't have any of the secret characters, you'll have to choose one or the other! Go for it now! Camellia talks about going to Halshinne, where the Dilzweld's main base is located. Take the Pyron to Halshinne, to Barbadoth. Inside the building, talk to the goblin by the stairs twice and he'll ask for a G donation.

Ask the Lupine by the Quorop about crossing the desert, the Saryu, and the Niente Tribe, learning that some mummies have the spirits of the tribesmen inside. Outside, right of the water fountain, talk to the mummy sprawled out on the ground. Ask how to cross the Kanara Desert and you'll be directed to talk to Fuhstart in the building he's behind the Quorop. Inquire about all three options to learn the flutes that calm the storm are inside the Pyramid Ruins.

At this point, if you've been following this guide, you should have six of the seven Ancient Tablets. You'll get the last in Go out the left exit and re-enter, pushing the sarcophagus-shaped switch in to open the path further. Head back down and leave via the right entrance to get into the second pyramid. Push the second switch.

Head down the rest of the path to the stairs that take you to the pyramid fringe. On one hand it makes him a great magic-user; on the other, it hurts DEF and SPD a lot, arguably two of the most battle-important stats. Regardless, leave and go back to the second pyramid tower, taking the higher path in the interior. Go out the door on the right to a "suspicious-looking" switch, which lights up an orb on a locked door.

Go back to the second pyramid tower and this time take the walkway along the perimeter. It leads back to the outside of the first pyramid tower where the second "suspicious-looking" switch is. Take the small stairway by the switch to a gaping hole, which brings you back inside the first tower. The two-orb door is now open. Enter and approach the flutes on the altar and take them despite the warning. Mummies emerge from the sarcophagi, intent on a feast. Fortunately, you can Mind Control all of them and Mummy's Curse is as damaging to them as it is to you. The furthest mummy on the left also drops a Lark Coat of Arms, which prevents paralysis.

Go back to Barbadoth. Once you're ready, trek to the Kanara Desert. This place is like a maze, so here's the directions to proceed: 1 In first screen where flutes are blown, head up. Take the NE one with a totem by it. There's no treasures here, only some nagging random battles at times, but they don't seem to start 'til you've gotten through.

You'll leave through The Kanara Desert, Exit and end up on the world map. The next stop has to be gone to. You'll find your ol' friend here with his Dilzweld entourage. Which type depends on what type of commando they are; the player's kept in the dark on this, seemingly. Like Droguza said, he has evolved and his bolstered stats certainly seem to be proof. Snipers do more damage with Snipe, and the commandos' grenade attacks now include one that inflicts paralysis use that Lark Coat of Arms! Since this is going to be a battle you cure a lot in, consider giving Camellia one Romantic Earring and Bebedora the other, if you plan on using her as a killer mage.

After the reg enemies have died, give Camellia both of them; Bebedora should use Black Out from afar. Darc should kick out a Sword of Awakening as soon as the enemy surrounds, as you can actually get a game over in this battle -- seems like awhile since that's been a possibility, eh?

The two steel boxes contain worthless items Power Berry, Titanium Armband and can be detrimental to how the battle goes. I wouldn't even bother with them, myself. Concentrate on perforating Droguza's sizeable HP instead. I recommend giving everyone at least 5 Great Herbs apiece because the next section Go to The Flying Fortress Megist when you're prepared.

Start your engines! These floating machines have a penchant for using an annoying machine-gun skill that does a lot of damage, plus their physical attacks are nothing to scoff at. These should be done away with as quickly as possible; the rest aren't as hard. Speaking of which, the Cannon Traps are pretty crappy But anyway Party buff!

Speed Up, Guard Field, you get the idea. Don't need to use Magic Shield here, though. If you advance slowly, you can draw out the Cannon Traps; dispose of them, then lure out the PAs. Rinse, repeat. It's a pretty safe way to do it, but bumrushing can work, too. The Commander does not drop anything here, so don't bother wasting time with'im.

You can save in the room where Lilia was once held captive beats Azer Springs, eh? Once you've saved, enter up the stairs in the main entryway and you'll come across some Dilz-dummies trying to Dilz-patch you. The walkway starts out congested, too, which will give you time enough to use your area- -effect skills. Like last time, the Commander offers nothing as a drop. You don't even have to party-buff at the beginning this time, since you'll be in such a close proximity throughout and can do it any time to equal or greater effect. Make sure to equip the Thorned Ivy on Darc so his attack range gets widened, too.

Run up to the soldiers to initiate what will be a bloodbath for them! Bombard him your best and try to Mind Control one of the Snipers -- they're the only ones with usable skills and they serve as a distraction. Sword of Awakening, blah blah blah There's nothing notable at all here, although I should say that Death Ant Nectar did lend a hand once or twice. It's the one that opens the lab elevator. After you flip it, head back to the main hall where you will be fighting some rather weird thingies Heal first!

The Spirit Engine 2: Boss 4 - The Crone Returns

The Altered Deimos are new but have weaker defense than most of the other units, not to mention are great Mind Control fodder -- 91 Spirit Stones! They also drop a crapload of cash should you decide to kill 'em, so don't leave that behind! Besides that, all other units are those you've already killed. The Commandos drop Rescue Kits usually. Watch the scene and head left to find a save point.

Enter the left room to find a red light blinking on a console. Push the lever to open some walkways in the save point hall. You also have to put up with some more Altered Deimos. Mind Control 'em, use your weakest skills Blizzard, Claws of Rage The Steel Boxes only have small amounts of currency and Spirit Stones in 'em, and you can do better. Drops: G, G, G, G, 15 Spirit Stones Exit back to the research hall, heal and save, then enter the rightmost door to find a troublesome scene.

Mind Control if you please and put this stalling battle behind you. Don't bother with the Steel Boxes either -- it's just chump change and a few Spirit Stones for the trouble. The end is almost in sight! Drops: G, G, 13 Spirit Stones x2 , G Watch the scenes regarding the irradiation machine and press the switch by the blinking light when you're told to. Save in the main research hall after the scenes and prepare for arguably the hardest battle in the game -- if you need to revisit any places for items, Spirit Stones One good tip: come into the battle with Bebedora having already learned Resurrection.

When you're ready, look at the card key reader green thing by the only door not yet entered. Enter to find some scenes in progress, then start breakin' stuff! There are a few crappy enemies thrown in so this isn't a romp, but if you're really intent on killing them, the battle doesn't end as soon as they're dead -- there's no time limit here.

The towers have about 40 HP which takes two hits to do. Also, Delma gets a fire aura after four towers have broken, not that it matters much. Finally made it through all those Dilz-nerds to get to this, the last battle of the chapter. Before you come into battle, look to see what skills you have to purchase. Everyone but Bebedora should be able to have at least one curative move by Class Lv.

In this case, Delma can have Healing Rain as well. Once you've come into the battle with HP healed all the way, Spirit Stones as high as you can get 'em, and a bunch of healing items given to each person, start the battle. Bebedora should be your designated Resurrection-ist -- don't waste her Spirit Stones on anything else because there's nothing to replenish them here. Set her aside from the rest so she doesn't bait Droguza into hitting her along with any comrades while she idles. Another note: you can have two Romantic Earrings by now. To conserve Spirit Stones, un-equip them when you know you'll need to use a high-spending skill Resurrection, Dragon Fang Sword and then put them back on someone else when they need to use 'em.

Darc, Volk, and Delma should flank Demon Droguza. If you put one at the left and right of him, as far against the platform and wall as you can get, it will make him have to do single-hitting attacks to get you -- that's what you definitely want. Camellia will be the healer, although you don't want her to get up close Depending on her level, you choose her exact placement.

Due to Resurrection reviving dead characters at full HP, there's a little room to be flexible. Now, onto Demon Droguza's attacks. He can use his tail to attack you from anywhere with a drop-in bomb, which does area damage. The second attack uses his tail as a laser and cuts a wide arc in front of the middle of the field to do extensive damage my Volk took ! It has a large radius but is still opportune for you. The fourth and last is a bubbly breath tech that hits those near his front, and empties their DEF in the meanwhile.

If you bought a bunch of Great Herbs like I suggested, you'll be able to bounce back from anything thrown at you. If you get or less HP, heal immediately -- Demon Droguza is a fast li'l sucker. Use the Pyron if you can, also. Whoever kills the guy is almost assured a level up. Maru's there, and so is Paulette, at the graveyard. After talking with her, you'll learn Tatjana and Ganz went to Thunor Point.

Track 'em there. Go back to the Big Owl and Tatjana will give you some advice before heading to Halshinne. To Mt. LAMDA Items: Enemies: oo Enter the training grounds, actually Kharg's second arena, and find the priest watching the monks practice. When he asks you if you want to train, say 'no,' then 'We want to get over Mt. Enter the second, main library to make the party split up. Go back to the lobby and find the two draconic sculptures lining the walls. Back in the library, find the bookcase at the end of the aisle with the two similar draconic sculptures.

Put the red one in the left and the blue in the right to find a passage behind the bookshelf. Unfortunately, its written in Sumlian, a long-dead language, and you can't decipher it yet. Go back and talk to Mormatt in the lobby. He suggests you go the Milmarna Appraisal Office to look at the texts. However, if you want to get some special items, go back into the secret room behind the bookshelf again. Talk to the robot Diekpeck who will ask you if you believe him; say you don't. He'll then ask you questions which determine your reward. A cat. Beautiful stones. How much to spend on entrants' lunches.

A pair of dice. The Shinobi Gang. Lakelta Deimos A pipe. The Spirit Amulet makes all elemental damage sans Dark do 1 damage, but only Kharg can equip it. If you already have Diekbeck, Kharg's secret character, the Diek Screw is probably what you want to go for. It gives him a SPD boost of The rest of the equips are good, but this makes Diekbeck far more usable for the arena where you can abuse Diek-Break with the Romantic Stone. Whichever you get, remember that you can't get any of the others in the game, so decide ahead of time.

Save point is in the equipment shop, and the healer is by the entrance to town. There's also a dog guarding a treasure chest in a makeshift hut. To lure it out, find the winding path that leads to the appraisal building and look for two rocks by an old man NPC. Find the [BONE] hidden underneath and go back to the dog. It will move away and you can view the chest's contents. Talk to the boy on the walkway after you're done. Head to the appraisal office and take the first right you see. Talk to the girl at the counter nearby to learn about Rosanna. Down the way, find the girl guarding a passage to kickstart a few scenes.

Go left to the line waiting for a fortune-telling and you'll gain entrance to talk to Foh personally. Rosanna will give permission for the Lamda Sutra to be deciphered. Talk to her by the appraisal booth, then talk to the booth worker to give her the text. Go to Foh's room to watch scenes, where Maru leaves for awhile. Go back to the text translator to get the text back and learn what it says "keep your mind clear of distracting thoughts".

Maru is sitting on a barrel by the fortune-tellers. Tell him "it's done" to cue some scenes; then, go outside to see Foh. You'll be able to go back to Lamda Temple now, but make a pitstop at Peisus first. Go to Lamda. A test will be issued actually a battle so accept.

They often spend turns raising their own ATT, so as long as you exploit their lack of immediate offense this shouldn't be too much of a problem. They all start out in a huge zig-zag pattern, which means you can hit them with multiple area-effect skills right off the bat. Whatta woman. Drops: 19 Spirit Stones, 12 Spirit Stones Another fight soon occurs, and that cauldron certainly knocks out the power players The monks won't advance unless you rush in blindly, so you can pick them off one by one. Unfortunately, with rinky-dink physical attacks, this leaves a lot of time for them to ATT-up themselves.

So long as you can heal, this shouldn't be too hard; come in unprepared and you're in for an annoying fight. Fortunately, even a Lv. Just start at one end of the formation arc and work your way through, one by one. Once there are only a few left, you can simply outrun the monks -- Maru's MOV and weapon range are all you need to rely on.

Lamda from now on. Heal and save at Big Owl before undertaking the trials of the mountain. Leave the temple via the mountain-facing door. Continue to be attacked by a goblin pack. Lackey Demons have one skill Bomb but rely on moderately damaging physical attacks instead; Ogres can buff up their ATT. Equip a Napping Bell to rob them of turns and band together to do away with 'em. Go back the way you came and take the high road under the rock structures. Give the Ice Blade to Ganz and you'll run into the next co-op deathsquad shortly.

Again, use incapacitating status effects like Sleep to give your party more time to strike and do it quickly. The Ogres still know how to increase their attack, but they're not too liberal with it. Give Ganz' new Ice Blade a try here. Should also mention that Tatjana's Sigma Gale skill can kill just about every enemy here in one try. When you enter you'll be in a fake Yewbell. Kharg wonders if it's a hallucination, but I guess all the zombies appearing decide that for him. Their "Dead Spirit's Sigh" skill can inflict instadeath on occassion, and being outnumbered at this point doesn't amount to a very good situation.

Luckily, there are only two and they go down with only a few uses of skills. The Corpses aren't so tough, but can lower defense with their inner juices. Drops: G x2 , 19 Spirit Stones x3 You'll be able to navigate around now and find portals. There are multiple ways to go about this, but here's mine: go to the portal by the house across from the Yewbell refinery to appear in Plumb Canyon. Take the portal by the walkway to appear in Asheeda Forest.

Go left and down from Big Owl to find a mass of roots with another portal. You'll end up in Parenz Ruins and can find the next portal by where Ziekbeck once was. This brings you to Scrappe Plateau. You may encounter some battles en route to here, but all of them are optional. Sadly, the one at Scrappe Plateau is mandatory.

Navigation menu

The Reapers are new for the most part, and should be killed on sight. They have a skill which can inflict instant death -- surprise! You should be familiar with Skeletons by now and know not to move in large groups. One of the bony beings here can drop a Shoulder Spikes Paulette-only and this is the only chance for you to get one.

Drops: G, 20 Spirit Stones x2 , Assassin Ball Enter the ring of light by the stairway and you'll be out of the fog. Use the save point and go to the world map. Talk to Boomer then go to the world map. Enter and stick to the left side of the screen to find three soldiers by a barricade. They'll tell you Darkham is en route to Maluise Tower.

You can leave to the destination now, although you may want to check out the selection of shops here -- they're the best you'll get for the rest of the game. You'll definitely want to give each person a few Rescue Kits. If you're big on using the airship as a weapon, get a Noah - Double Amplifier to cut the "Use Energy" in half.

Go to Maluise Tower when ready. Go up the stairs and take a left. Back up at the fork, head right to another stairway which, un-ironically, is right where some enemies are waiting for you ooo ooo Lv. Concentrate on them and dig into the Intruders which, while they're things you've never faced before, are neo-Gunners with a more powerful Charge Shot-esque attack. When they all group together, hit 'em with a Binding Arrow etc.

The steel box contains a Revival Medicine and 18 Spirit Stones, neither of which you should be in desperate need of. One of the Intruders drops a Broken Gun, which can be sold for extra cash, also. Head up into the next screen and you'll soon happen upon another dose of those dirty Dilz. Get the Rescue Kit inside the steel box at the start and use your Airship ability to damage the enemies far away Paralyzer could hit six! Carry on like you've been doing. Take the path to the outside stairway and go back in, only higher. Another battle and the last generic stalling one awaits.

Blow 'em up, use the airship to decimate, area-effect skills This is all ground you've trodden before. The steel box behind the PAs contains a Snake Wire for Paulette, however, and since it's a one-time-only item, I'll remind you to get it if you want it lengthens attack range. Save before going outside. Let it be known that the fight at the top of the tower will end the chapter and you'll be unable to go where you please afterwards, so if you have items or characters you want to get in Cathena, now would be the opportune time.

If you miss out, don't say I didn't warn ya. And you already know how the fight's going to play out Surprisingly, this is NOT the hardest battle you've faced so far, but it's just a smidgen under the Demon Droguza battle. The Royal Guards are tougher than any normal foe you've faced so far, and Darkham's got a few tricks up his sleeve, too. Concentrate on thinning the Royal Guard herd, and remember that they are not bosses -- their stats can be toyed with.

Break their DEF first and then gang up. This is where they'll really come in handy. Don't bother with physical attacks unless you can inflict a status effect or do a dual attack; being skill- -oriented here is of more importance. Remember to use your Airship, too! I did damage! Now, onto Darkham. His regular attack does moderate damage, but he has a grenade area-effect attack that inflicts paralysis. Basically, he's the best Commando you'll find in the game. Darkham has about HP, but without his bodyguards, it's easy to drain.

Luckily, you can choose who you fight for: Deimos or Human. Special characters cannot fight in this battle, like usual sorry if you just went and got one! Concentrate on the two who are your enemies and don't be afraid to be overly-spendy with Spirit Stones here. It's really not that hard despite the hidden HP amount, and you can tackle it like most enemies. Spread out, use a skill that halves elemental damage Magic Shield, Element Guard and party-buff when possible.

After all, who better to fight your party than the one who raised 'em up? Dual attacks seem to come quite easily here as well. All the better to whittle everyone's HP, my dear! Drops: 49 Spirit Stones, 5 Spirit Stones Afterwards, some scenes will play and you'll be able to take the victors out of the tower. Pick up any treasure chests you missed. You can actually go back on the world map, although you won't be able to go back to the Orcoth Arena or the Cathena Arena obviously.

NOTE: Choco can still be obtained if not gotten already. This doesn't apply for Diek, naturally. Once your preparations are complete, head around to the back of Maluise Tower and descend into the pit where the Flying Castle is. You won't be able to leave once you enter, as the prompt implies. Enter inside and you'll control the losing party atop Maluise Tower. They, too, can leave the tower and flitter around the world humans can go to Azer Springs! Then, fall down as the Flying Castle's floor breaks apart. Kharg, Ganz, and Paulette land with Volk and Delma in a room. There are also a few more occupants here If you're having trouble breaking through the Hell Kites' defense, Volk and Delma get a fire aura on the fourth?

Leave the room to be put into another stalling fight. No, you can't Retreat out of it Now, before you start, you should know that these behemoth things use earth- -elemental skills, so use Delma's Magic Shield to make this less painful than it probably will be. Luckily, all of them are extremely weak to wind and one Windblade Waltz can overkill them.

Make sure Ganz has his Wind Blade equipped and this battle will go by easily, that is if you don't get Stone Rush'd to death in the opening rounds. This makes half of a bridge come together in the next room. Go into the door to be on a high walkway in the same place you fought the first battle. Touch the crystalline object by the other stairway to make the bridge come into place. Some scenes occur, but you'll be able to cross with everyone.

Of course, it's out of the frying pan and into the crematorium You can take them down without using skills, but if you want to expedite the battle After a little banter, the view will change to Darc's party and you get a free save! So, you've got the best healers all in one group. Enemies appear for no apparant reason, so let's just get on, shall we Basically you can take these guys down without skills or any critical mass-healing.

You can't Mind Control anything but the Gunners, also. Maru gets a fire aura after talking with Bebedora, but there's a good chance the enemy will be gone by then. Head into the left room to find a switch and a skirmish. Well, every enemy here has no skill and simple moderately damaging physical attacks, which you can dodge. No special drops